Thursday, June 22, 2017

Broken- ess

  1. 1
    past participle of break.
  1. 1
    having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.
    "a broken arm"
    synonyms:smashedshattered, fragmented, splintered, crushed, snapped; More
  2. 2
    (of a person) having given up all hope; despairing.
    "he went to his grave a broken man"

      Have you ever felt broken?  Have you ever felt defeated?   

    Your love crushed when that relationship didn't work out like you thought it would? Leading to despair?  I think all of us have had these things happen at some point in our lifetime.  We have all felt these things. 

    Then we. feel beat up. Shattered. Beat.  Subdued?
     Then we feel shattered like we can't go on. We can't function.  We become paralyzed.  Pushing us into this never ending despair. 

    We have shattered dreams for one reason or another. Maybe God called us to do something and we decided to take our own plan with it and it needed for that time. 

    Maybe we got looked over for that job promotion. But then later a better job came along.  So we know that sometimes things in life happens.  That is completely out of our control.  One of those gut-wrenching things that we know that no matter what we try and do. Nothing we can do will make any difference. 

    This is what happened when our daughter was traumatic brain injured. My husband and I prayed so much I could not tell you if we ate, drank, slept or anything else. Those years of my life are such a blur. This is called Trauma. 

    The only thing that kept us from falling apart was prayer.  We used to joke with one another with the saying of " A family who prays together , stays together". I can tell you definitely that A family who prays together stays together because this is the way God designed us. When you stop praying together you lose your Headship of God.  

    When you go through any trauma and you don't maintain that prayer line with God. You can expect a disaster. A brokenness. 

    You see our daughter was broken during this time.  There were many decisions we made that I can't even tell you what they were right now. But I know praying that even sometimes when we felt insecure we still made decisions. We watched our daughter make little progress and then a lot of progress. We stopped depending on others decisions so much and even our own decisions and relied on God to get us through. And He did. 

    Our daughter had many seizures . Hundreds of seizures.  Per day every day. Her broken became our broken. Then became our family broken. We had others praying. Churches praying. Our home church praying. But when it came down to it we couldn't take these people home with us. We had to become CO-dependent upon God. When she would have a seizure we had to trust that God would bring her though it and protect her from harm. 

    Our beautiful and glorious God brought her through it and our family too. 

    You see we had to have faith. To get faith we had to pray. We had to read Gods Word ( Bible) and pray and believe. What did God say about healing. What if it didn't happen? What if it never happens? We couldn't think this way or she would never make progress. 

    She had allergic reactions to the medication. The medication at one time made her seizures worse. Then the emergency Diastat that we used to stop her seizures - also made her seizures worse. At some point we had to stop living in fear and take her off of it. 

    Im not saying not to listen to your Doctors but I am saying that if it isn't working you better have a cross and better know God as your savior. 
    At many times during this trial God is all we have had. We also stood together with God many times through many things. 
    Im so thankful for my husband who many times really has given us such a deep knowledge of the Word of God. I hope and pray he never loses that. It  could mean life or death to our family. I depend on this. 

    Pray for your broken(ess) today. Believe God will heal it. Sometimes the broken doesn't go away right away. Thats ok. That means God has some work left to do. We must stay connected to God though so that we have hope in that broken being fixed. This is the only way it will be fixed. 

    Find a quiet place to pray with out distractions. This is so important not only to be quiet.  Also so that you can hear what the Holy Spirit is telling you. Listen for that quiet, still voice in your thinking.  The more your relationship with the Heavenly Father grows the easier it becomes to hear. 

    This is a great page for some ideas on praying if you need some help how to get started. As time goes on it will get easier and easier. The more that you pray you can take a notebook or journal and pen. Date your prayers. You can go back and write thank you God on those prayers that have been answered.  

    Father God we come to you in this time of need and give you Thanksgiving. We praise Your Holy name. God we have some needs that we know you already know. God we need peace in our hearts that we have healing. For you tell us if we have needs that we can pray and ask You even though You already know what they are. This is the confidence that we have before you when we lay before you that is in Your will. And Father when we ask You in prayer we know that You hear us.  God we ask for healing our brokenness because God we know according to You will you have come to give life and give it abundantly and we praise you for this in Jesus name. Amen 

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