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Merry Christmas

Well it is getting close to the closing and end of another year.  Goodbye 2012 as we remember the season to celebrate Christ the Messiah and what He has done for us.  When we moved to California 2 years ago in November 2010 we really had no idea what was in store for us as individuals, for Abigaile or for our family.  Never sell God short, He is amazing. I believe that what comes out of our mouth , what we speak, what we believe, and our actions play a significant role in our lives. If we are bitter we sow bitterness even sometimes trying to correct it.  We also sow our fear.  My only comment plain and clear is that it gives the devil a foothold and well beneath my feet satan and get thee behind me you liar!  
  We started out 2010 with our feet running- we stayed initially in a vacation rental as we didn't know the area.  We then moved to a rental further up the hill (this was because of availability and price).  We continued to do some form or shape of therapy Monday through Fr…