Friday, May 30, 2014

Instead of a new pair of shoes

  Well its not a prince fitting this show but it is my Cinderella.  

  Its funny how things happen and when you hear this story you will understand.  So in the midst of moving and packing we went for fitting of our sweet girls orthotic levelizers.

  We have been looking for a bus for a couple of years ( well actually more).  While looking we realized if we went over a certain length we would have to have a DOT physical. So while looking we found this great new Chiropractors office and I saw levelizers. So we set up a time with Dr Scott to get xrays and fitted. I am so thankful I did!
  I just knew somehow this would work. So today we took Abi for her levelizers and her feet are already correcting !  

  I want some!  Great things and many miracles with my little sweet pea.

Okay ... Back to moving.


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