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Please stay tuned.... updates are in progress..and pictures

This therapy lifestyle is hectic, it requires lots of time, effort, and patience.  I want to be able to share Abigaile's progress (good and bad) to encourage others.  However, it is a lot of time and effort to try and get all the information together. Please visit some of the web sites on the left hand side of the blog to see some of the therapies, our Dr., and don't hesitate to call them and let them know that you saw their web site on our page.

  Our days are spent doing 5-7 hours per day of intense therapy with Abigaile, and then usually another treatment on top of that so it makes for a very long day. This is five days per week Monday through Friday as well. It is time consuming and not a typical lifestyle. I will not lie to you and tell you that it is easy to do. It isn't.  We have dedicated our season right now as a family and are committed to do what it takes to get her well, and get her body functioning.  It is also a great deal of expense and sacrifice as we …