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Just another day in Paradise ( just not of the Heaven variety )

Just wanted to update before I get caught up and busy and no time to write.  It is time to move again.

Hey listen if you need a house sold- we are your family. I don't know what it is but every time for the past three houses that we have lived in.  The house is sold.  At this point Im ready to just tell people pay for our storage and we will sell your house.

  We have decided to pursue other interests.

We have decided to become bus nuts : )  What is that did you say?  Well it means that we are fed up
with the hotels and trying to maintain a safe environment for our daughter and taking matters into our own hands.  We have decided to make a trek across the country where they have lots of busses and to go looking for one.

Our lease is up soon and they owner wishes to not renew not even a couple of months as he doesn't want to get stuck in the lease. I really just refuse to lease another house. So off we go to storage. Hopefully we can sell some items ( like lots of items) .

Cauterize the Flesh ...

Dear God,

     Why do we have to endure such pain and agony?  I don't understand.  I see my child struggle and 
try so hard.  I see the unconditional love in her eyes. She is so trusting, so happy, and so genuine. 

She makes me Happy, she makes me Sad,  she tries my Patience,  and one 

thing that she always does, is she gives me unconditional LOVE .

She was wonderfully made in the image of God in His Love, His Wisdom, His Faith
Grace, Mercy........

I don't know or understand why God allows somethings to happen. I have had so many 
people to ask how can God do this?  I don't believe that God did this.  Man did this.
The outright greediness of man.  It was not a misfortune, nor was it genetic.  It was 
greed.  The very people who defend this happening are no different than the
Perpetrators that have allowed it to happen.  Please, please do your research and 
due diligence when you vaccinate your children.  I have repented giving these shots 
so many times to our daughter. 
God please…