Friday, September 23, 2016

Update on Therapy

Well we finally made it to Texas. It was not without repercussion though. I will tell you Chevy Chase should be calling us to play the next Lampoons vacation.

It has been no vacation.

A vacation is where you can not cook, not clean, not do your day to day work or chores. I want a refund lol.

So we had Dr. Jerrys appointment in Florida. It was a good appointment for both girls and it is always nice to see Dr. Jerry and David.

I am not a huge fan of Orlando though . We spent a couple of days there and then left.

We ended up with a lot of repairs this time.

We had a flat tire when we got to Orlando.  For those interested in what we did while there. Well we stayed at the campground a KOA. We had a flat tire on the coach 1 mile from the service center.

We also had a leak in our water system.

We stayed 3 or 4 days in Orlando just because we were tired and waiting to get tire fixed.

We then took a few days off as Allen has some time off from work.

We start a new therapy in Texas that we are excited to start. I think Abigaile will really do well.  I'm excited for her. I'm excited to meet her new instructor.  We are starting Conductive Education. I hope to combine this with Montessori.

We were suppose to start this week but had some delays because of mechanical things that have cost a lot of money. Cost a lot of time. It is about buying a 15 year old coach that was in great shape but its time to do the maintenance.

We will be starting some of our book work after the first week of therapy for school.  We have gotten a great history lesson starting some of our history and geography in July.

We were suppose to be going to the West Coast for Physiotherapy for the winter and Im not sure we will even be able to do that.

We are still getting unpacked. Cleaning out the coach and making repairs. We are all finally getting our body clocks adjusted to the the many times zones.

You can find her here Please sign our guest book there if you haven't. We don't have a lot of contact with friends or family so it is very lonesome where we are at. We could use some friends and family.

I am really thankful to be back in the South :) Hopefully we can meet some new friends here.

I hope to share more about our road trip on the Beachnest.

Please sign our guestbook.

Remind me tomorrow to tell you about my deer hunting adventure while driving into Texas. We have some damage and quite a bit of damage on the trailer. As you know the freezer is in the trailer for the special diet.

When it rains it pours. Im looking forward to the Holy Spirit raining down and not the problems of this world. I will take God any day.

In faith,

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Headed to home in Texas

This sure has been an eventful trip.  I can't wait to tell you all about it. We have so much to tell you.

Abigaile had a good visit with Dr. Jerry and we need to tweak and fine tune some areas.
We as a family will keep on keeping on.

So we start our new year in Texas.  We are still looking for housing and a place to stay.  We have a temporary place.  Our storage needs to be gone through.  We need to sell some things from storage.

We are looking for some land not too large but if someone knows of land in Texas (not in the desert ). I would be interested in knowing about it. It must be reasonably priced.  I am praying about this. Its very important for our family. Thank you for praying :)

I will update later here once we get back. Get unpacked. Upload all those pictures.
A lot of pictures!!!!!

I will also update the

Here I will update more of Abigail's progress. The I will update the trip, our trials on this trip, where we stayed with photos and reviews, and of course, Food.

Many prayers go out to you all.

Please sign our guestbook and follow us. Our family really loves hearing from everyone.

( Don/t be shy )

lots of love,



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