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Just a quick note .....

I will write more later- can't wait to share with you what blessings have been going on in our lives. We are going to be doing therapy this year on the East coast for many reasons. We are currently here and we will not have funds to go back to Southern California to do therapy.

     We have not done well with fund raising and therapy is not covered by insurance. The travel expense of hotels, fuel, food while traveling is expensive.  
    We have seen so many incredible milestones with Abigaile during traveling and therapy.  This year since August we have got to experience the East coast. She has really excelled. She is so much more talkative and more active. 
    This has become a rehabbing lifestyle and it is tough at times but we have God and we know God will provide. 
   Please follow us on Gofundme and our Coles page.  
God bless you for your thoughts and prayers and we thank you should God put it on on your heart to give as well. 
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Instead of a new pair of shoes

Well its not a prince fitting this show but it is my Cinderella.  
  Its funny how things happen and when you hear this story you will understand.  So in the midst of moving and packing we went for fitting of our sweet girls orthotic levelizers.
  We have been looking for a bus for a couple of years ( well actually more).  While looking we realized if we went over a certain length we would have to have a DOT physical. So while looking we found this great new Chiropractors office and I saw levelizers. So we set up a time with Dr Scott to get xrays and fitted. I am so thankful I did!   I just knew somehow this would work. So today we took Abi for her levelizers and her feet are already correcting !  
  I want some!  Great things and many miracles with my little sweet pea.
Okay ... Back to moving.

Just another day in Paradise ( just not of the Heaven variety )

Just wanted to update before I get caught up and busy and no time to write.  It is time to move again.

Hey listen if you need a house sold- we are your family. I don't know what it is but every time for the past three houses that we have lived in.  The house is sold.  At this point Im ready to just tell people pay for our storage and we will sell your house.

  We have decided to pursue other interests.

We have decided to become bus nuts : )  What is that did you say?  Well it means that we are fed up
with the hotels and trying to maintain a safe environment for our daughter and taking matters into our own hands.  We have decided to make a trek across the country where they have lots of busses and to go looking for one.

Our lease is up soon and they owner wishes to not renew not even a couple of months as he doesn't want to get stuck in the lease. I really just refuse to lease another house. So off we go to storage. Hopefully we can sell some items ( like lots of items) .

Cauterize the Flesh ...

Dear God,

     Why do we have to endure such pain and agony?  I don't understand.  I see my child struggle and 
try so hard.  I see the unconditional love in her eyes. She is so trusting, so happy, and so genuine. 

She makes me Happy, she makes me Sad,  she tries my Patience,  and one 

thing that she always does, is she gives me unconditional LOVE .

She was wonderfully made in the image of God in His Love, His Wisdom, His Faith
Grace, Mercy........

I don't know or understand why God allows somethings to happen. I have had so many 
people to ask how can God do this?  I don't believe that God did this.  Man did this.
The outright greediness of man.  It was not a misfortune, nor was it genetic.  It was 
greed.  The very people who defend this happening are no different than the
Perpetrators that have allowed it to happen.  Please, please do your research and 
due diligence when you vaccinate your children.  I have repented giving these shots 
so many times to our daughter. 
God please…

Fundraiser for home and medical travel

I am sure that most know about our Abi.  If not, you can scroll back to the days when it was by far

worse than it is now.  None the less we still have our bad days and so does Abi.  We have many

things going on right now.  One of those things is every time that we move to a new place we have

to deal with new people, new places and new things.  We also have to keep some people in there

because they have been sources for food, services, etc .  Its the nature of what we do to keep Abi


    If you don't know us. Abi has multiple chemical sensitivity disorder that stems from a vaccine

reaction.  The vaccine reaction is proven so I have no need to prove it to anyone else.  The case

was won.  We have gone through many trials and tribulations with this and Abi has come a long

way.  She has made an incredible amount of milestones as well.

     The fact is that multiple chemical sensitivity disorder can wreak havoc on the individuals life

as well as the family's life.  It i…

Ten years ago and many, many milestones

It is difficult for me to look at this as a 10 year anniversary and think of it as a celebration but it is.  I meant to write and blog so many times but it is not always convenient.  You see our days and hours are spent with our Abi. teaching her and letting her relearn skills that she started with and once had.

  I hold no grudges against anyone along the way who we have entrusted as Doctors or anyone who has tried to help.  I do feel that the attorneys and others who like to "claim as helpers"  well you were not.

  We have friends and family as well that didn't know always how to help or what to do.  We had other family members that caused a lot of grief.  I don't need to mention who these people are we will just leave it at that.

  It has been a learning experience and I think that when our family started this venture which was before Abi was born had we known then what we know now we would have definitely had some anxiety.   We were pastoring a small church in Arka…