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The end of this trip

So, our trip always eventful,

On the way here we stayed at 4 campsites.  We really stayed at good campsites and you can see our reviews of each on the website.

We had a good visit with Dr. Jerry always nice to see him and David.  We sure do miss the girls though.  I still expect to walk in the office and see Donna around the corner with Josh playing.

We got a good report from Dr. Jerry.  We have a lot of things to work on. We need to plump up little one just a bit.  This is always interesting. Going through those growth spurts and because our kids aren't getting growth hormones in their food - well our kids are normal and the growth charts are off.

Now its time to head back to Texas for some therapy and treatments. Its also time to start a new school year when we get there. I have lots of planning to do.

Thank you for praying for travel mercies for us.

We had a flat on the coach on the way here. We sat at a travel plaza over 4 hours and then came to the campground and had to m…

What a trip

Well this had certainly been an interesting trip.  We started planning this trip several months before we actually took this trip.

Who knew a trip for a Dr. appointment could be so interesting.

We planned the trip.

We planned the itinerary.

I planned food. I even made a week of pre-made meals for my girl.

We planned fuel stops.  We planned rest stops and campgrounds along the way.

It was almost too well planned.

The first couple of campgrounds were actually nightmares in that we had to unhook our vehicle and maneuver them onto lots that we were sold and didn't fit.

When we left we had little meat for our daughter.

The campground we were at in Arkansas lost power so many times because of a faulty box that all of her meat had spoiled. That and the excessive heat causing power outages. I had ordered the CSA on time for once and even did an extra order. The CSA was even having issues we found out at the last minute before we left.  They had a major dust devil storm.  Destroyed thei…