Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little loaf of wonder bread

  This is all I will call it at this point.  There is nothing that ceases to amaze me about this girl.  She and her sister have been sick this week and not feeling well I'm really thankful just to see my babes playing.
  I say a loaf of wonder bread because I never have to wonder really about her not being inquisitive. She is my little miracle "wonder" girl!  I thank God for her well-being and healing every day. It is not always easy caring for a child who has so many special needs but she is sooooo worth it!  She was sick this week and not her inquisitive little self, its been a very long week but I would say by where she is right now and what she is doing she is happy.

  Id say she is ready to start school back again, wouldn't you?

Blessings flow,
Paris ( the most blessed momma ever )


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