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Right to protect our Medical Free Choice

Dear Governor Brown,
  My family moved to the state of California 2 years ago in October.  The reason that we moved here is because of the medical care and more opportunity for our daughter who was injured by vaccines.  You see our case is a proven vaccine injury, and not speculation. We spent a few years traveling to different states to get care for her. There is more diversity in care to meet her needs in California.  We gave away most of our belongings, packed our rental truck and traveled 1600 miles. This was initially temporary because we weren't sure if the treatments would work or not.  After a few months of treatments several hours per day (5-7 hrs) and mostly 5 days per week to help rehabilitate our child to health we decided this was going to take more than a few months. We made the decision once our FMLA ran out and my husband ending up losing his job to stay here because of the quality and diversity of care for her. We sacrificed that and it has been more than worth i…

Happy Birthday little Sweet Pea ! We love you !

My little sweet pea Abigaile was born just after 11:00 am.  We were over-joyed at the thoughts of another little one for Allen and I who prayed for the baby to be healthy and well, and for Natascha to have a baby (sibling to play with) we did not know what sex.  
  We have our then friends Matt and Deanna who watched Natascha and took her to church for us so she didn't miss services and she could still have fun. She slept at their house for a few hours and later that day she had a baby sister.    Abigaile, you name stands for strength, look at Abigaile in the Bible who was a woman of great strength this I know that you are and will be a great woman of strength one day.    Abigaile you have filled our lives with Joy, Happiness and faith!     We have watched you from getting injured from the vaccines, and not knowing if you would live one minute to the next day but we always had faith that God is not a killer, God gives life. He gave you life and He gave you to our family.  You are an …

Stay tuned ...

I am in the process of updating Abigaile's blogspot to all the great things that have been happening.  We are also super busy in the respect that we live therapy, treatments, making food, school.  The therapy and treatments with drive time end up being a eight ( 8 ) - ten (10 ) hour day.  We have 7 - 8 hours alone of just therapy.  We spend weekends cooking and doing laundry now.  The three day weekend is great because we can spend a day with laundry, cleaning house and cooking and actually rest a day. Our Labor Day today will be spent ( at least part of it) in the pool.

Happy Labor Day everyone !