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update for winter

I wanted to update on where we are at for the winter. We have been doing a new treatment/ therapy for Abigaile near North Texas. We love this area and plan to hopefully find some land to be able to park the bus and spend some time. This location is pretty central to everyone and everything.

We found a great therapy/ treatment for Abi here that I believe she will do great with. We have only worked on this for one week and then everyone got sick. When I say everyone I mean other kids at the therapy, the conductor, and even our family. We normally don't get sick - maybe a cold from over stress or work but not really this sick. I can't wait to feel better again.

We are applying for some work here so that we can transfer work here as well. We have had work, then scheduled time off then more work.  I think this will be worth it though.

It is also time to head back West for Physiotherapy for Abi and hopefully some more hyperbarics. These are therapies NOT covered by traditional in…

Update on Therapy

Well we finally made it to Texas. It was not without repercussion though. I will tell you Chevy Chase should be calling us to play the next Lampoons vacation.

It has been no vacation.

A vacation is where you can not cook, not clean, not do your day to day work or chores. I want a refund lol.

So we had Dr. Jerrys appointment in Florida. It was a good appointment for both girls and it is always nice to see Dr. Jerry and David.

I am not a huge fan of Orlando though . We spent a couple of days there and then left.

We ended up with a lot of repairs this time.

We had a flat tire when we got to Orlando.  For those interested in what we did while there. Well we stayed at the campground a KOA. We had a flat tire on the coach 1 mile from the service center.

We also had a leak in our water system.

We stayed 3 or 4 days in Orlando just because we were tired and waiting to get tire fixed.

We then took a few days off as Allen has some time off from work.

We start a new therapy in Texas that we ar…

Headed to home in Texas

This sure has been an eventful trip.  I can't wait to tell you all about it. We have so much to tell you.

Abigaile had a good visit with Dr. Jerry and we need to tweak and fine tune some areas.
We as a family will keep on keeping on.

So we start our new year in Texas.  We are still looking for housing and a place to stay.  We have a temporary place.  Our storage needs to be gone through.  We need to sell some things from storage.

We are looking for some land not too large but if someone knows of land in Texas (not in the desert ). I would be interested in knowing about it. It must be reasonably priced.  I am praying about this. Its very important for our family. Thank you for praying :)

I will update later here once we get back. Get unpacked. Upload all those pictures.
A lot of pictures!!!!!

I will also update the

Here I will update more of Abigail's progress. The I will update the trip, our trials on this trip, where we stayed with photos and rev…

The end of this trip

So, our trip always eventful,

On the way here we stayed at 4 campsites.  We really stayed at good campsites and you can see our reviews of each on the website.

We had a good visit with Dr. Jerry always nice to see him and David.  We sure do miss the girls though.  I still expect to walk in the office and see Donna around the corner with Josh playing.

We got a good report from Dr. Jerry.  We have a lot of things to work on. We need to plump up little one just a bit.  This is always interesting. Going through those growth spurts and because our kids aren't getting growth hormones in their food - well our kids are normal and the growth charts are off.

Now its time to head back to Texas for some therapy and treatments. Its also time to start a new school year when we get there. I have lots of planning to do.

Thank you for praying for travel mercies for us.

We had a flat on the coach on the way here. We sat at a travel plaza over 4 hours and then came to the campground and had to m…

What a trip

Well this had certainly been an interesting trip.  We started planning this trip several months before we actually took this trip.

Who knew a trip for a Dr. appointment could be so interesting.

We planned the trip.

We planned the itinerary.

I planned food. I even made a week of pre-made meals for my girl.

We planned fuel stops.  We planned rest stops and campgrounds along the way.

It was almost too well planned.

The first couple of campgrounds were actually nightmares in that we had to unhook our vehicle and maneuver them onto lots that we were sold and didn't fit.

When we left we had little meat for our daughter.

The campground we were at in Arkansas lost power so many times because of a faulty box that all of her meat had spoiled. That and the excessive heat causing power outages. I had ordered the CSA on time for once and even did an extra order. The CSA was even having issues we found out at the last minute before we left.  They had a major dust devil storm.  Destroyed thei…

Moving forward to the "Next Step"

We have not had an actual vacation in over twelve years. No time off. 

Someone please send us on a vacation- I'm tired of being an adult. 

We will be trying a new therapy in September this year and are very excited about it.  In the
meantime we have lab work and a Dr. appt. with Dr. Jerry to get out of the way first.  
What this involves is finding a "clean lab" not a hospital to get labs and a trip to either Florida or California to see the Doc.  
( This expense involves travel - fuel for coach and accessible van, a campground to park while in Florida or California for Dr. appt. and fuel to the next therapy)
We start a new therapy in September. This is exciting. I actually researched conductive education early on. In 2010 there was only one facility in Miami which wasn't financially possible at the time. 
Im praying one day for the house and the coach. Right now this is simplifying our lives I hope and we can save some funds as well as work on our relationships with one a…

Where Feet May Fall

God  I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When the oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine.

Strand Beach at Headlands Dana Point, California 
I wanted to write and update everyone on "Its that time to leave again".  Just so there are no false 
gossips out there.  It isn't that it really matters to me. 
I will write more tomorrow.   I wanted to change our page : )