Thursday, September 7, 2023

Day #2300 September 7, 2023 It is the anniversary of Abigailes Mission being born



Happy blessed Birthday my beautiful Abigaile, September 7, 2023 

Your birthday commemorates the day that God created you and said to you as an individual, are unique and irreplaceable. There is no other  person alive, no person who has ever lived, and no person who shall ever live, that can fulfill the specific role in My creation I have entrusted to you..."

This is the day when you were given the mandate for your mission to help change the world. The day when God entrusted you with the mission to challenge a world that is so hostile spirituality and to be able to transform it into God's private garden sanctuary. And in accomplishing this goal you were given the ability to achieve incredible spiritual heights. The kind of heights that are unimaginable to the soul before it was dispatched from its lofty heavenly home to inhabit your physical body.

Celebrating a birthday is also a demonstration of confidence. The type of confidence that you are and you will continue to be worthy of God's trust. No matter the obstacles, no matter the circumstances, you will persevere and live up to God's expectations of you.

Fulfilling the commandments of God is the vehicle through which we connect to God.  It is how we are made in His image. 

That means greater responsibility, but an infinitely greater connection, too. Your birthday is also the anniversary of this awesome occasion. This is reason to be thankful for your birthday. 

When you were born it was God that  invested within you a soul abounding with talents and qualities.  These talents and qualities of your inner soul are those things God given to you that will help you to complete the mission that God has assigned to you on this earth. 

On this day you have the ability to accomplish that which might be very difficult on any other day.  I pray that this day you feel a special connection to God.  That you are reminded of how God created you for your mission . Be blessed in Your special day the day that you and your mission was born into existence.  

Beautiful birthday blessings my sweet, beautiful girl,

Love , hugs, and sugars always,

Love momma xoxo


Tuesday, August 22, 2023


May 2017 ARLINGTON TEXAS - This is me and my daughters Abigaile and Natascha just prior to the Abduction and Kidnapping under the color of law. This is the last photo that I have of us together. 

 I have meant to blog before now but it hasn't happened.  I wanted to give an update to all of our followers of what has transpired.  

   The past couple of weeks I received a letter or notice of a child support hearing in alachua county Florida.  
   This is important to note and document because NONE OF US lived in Alachua county Florida - in fact our family never lived in Florida until this legal abduction and kidnapping transpired.  This is a kidnapping to imminent domain the child for her entitlement funds from the vaccine injury that I won for her in Federal court.  I did not win based on anyones else expertise, expert opinion or otherwise I won based on my sole documentation and observation and put the case studies with it. 
  For the awarded entitlement there were TWO (2) annuities for Reversionary replenished various amounts each calendar year.. This is for therapy, vacation, Drs etc anything to benefit Abigaile and her benefit.  In addition there was a Guardianship estate Trust that contained in the Million ( when I last saw the trust document 2017 for accounting purposes ).  After the abduction and kidnapping under the color of law ( in THREE STATES) my daughter was forcefully taken hostage and moved to FLORIDA.  I was a Permanent Guardian on both of these Trusts, her person and estate. I was removed when I questioned what was happening and asking questions regarding the law of how these acts were being committed.  I was then 
REMOVED as a Permanent Guardian simply stating ( Arkansas judge ) that the dad decided to relocate the disabled daughter to Florida.  All of these actors knew that I was the Primary care for my disabled daughter. 
  There has NEVER been any investigations in my case or any discovery.  I was not notified of all the hearings and even told by the guardianship fraud attorney in Arkansas that I should hurry and get legal representation because there were hearings going on behind my back.

 I sent evidence to that same attorney of the fraud that was being conspired and during the hearing to remove me as a permanent guardian . In addition I requested this same guardianship attorney and requested use of funds to help fight for my disabled daughter and I was denied by this fraud citing that my daughters dad ( had her in possession therefore he retains all rights to her ). Where is this law in ARKANSAS ????  I as removed with no investigation, no discovery and no evidence or burden of proof not only violating my civil rights but my daughter as well. 

  Now, after the circus of possession of the child , clearly to commit fraud , theft and stealing of entitlement for her vaccine injury I have been removed from my daughters life.  
  Now it is 6 years later, nearing 6 1/2 and I receive a notice of child support hearing.  WHAT??? 
  Yes , child support hearing - and this hearing already took place last month and now there is another one that I have been invited to.  On the letter it states the hearing date and time, zoom and phone number and that the DOR ( Department of Revenue ) on behalf of my daughters dad is suing me for child support.  

  This lists this hearing as a TITLE IV D hearing.  ((( Please look this up - google it).  It is attached to medicaid funding.  So why is my disabled daughter forced to be on government welfare when she had entitlement funds of 2 trusts that were proffered in the Millions ( in MY CARE ) and now she is on state medicaid and has been held hostage and traumatized in addition to the medical kidnapping?  

  She can no longer communicate, she is clearly traumatized screaming, begging and crying on my Supervised weekly call.  

  In 2017 she was walking, talking, knew colors, shapes, sizes and could articulate appropriately 2 and 3 words sentences and requests.  Because I was her Primary care and her continuity of care ! 
  Now I hear a AI machine as a baby sitter in the background, toys that are disrupting our calls and her begging and screaming the same trauma induced words over and over that says 


It doesn't take someone who is illiterate to figure this puzzle out- where is my daughters money?  I spent 7 years in Federal court fighting for those funds. Initially the government offered $49,000. My child was invalid and had over 200-300 seizures per day.  
 I added MY care plan and gathered all the Dr.s, specialists and therapists that I dealt with on a daily basis and the proffer was raised to the Million.  It was not going to be enough to rehabilitate my daughter so I had to utilize my previous nursing experience and training and even continued training while caring for her daily.  I worked one on one with her to get her discontinued from the toxic drugs she was being given that she had serious adverse side effects to. I worked to get her walking and talking and her cognitive skills improved she was happy and healthy.  

 When you least expect toxic people then there they are ! You know who you are - lurking while my child was dying and then gang up like a cult of addicts and destroying her health and her well being !  In addition to using our oldest daughter to plot your toxic ideology and schemes on.  Creating social media groups and entrapping my oldest daughter to use fraud to make false allegations against her own mother and called me abusive and neglectful. All to fraud my daughter of her (BLOOD MONEY) and then use her as a cash cow and now let her rot in the welfare sick care. 

  So now - where is all that money that I won for my disabled daughter? Why, only six years later does she no longer have those million in her trust accounts ?  Her health - her mind, soul and body has been beyond traumatized ?  

  Where is the money?  Title IV part D - and my disabled daughter is beyond regressed and money missing too??? Interstate abducted, kidnapped and exploitation of a disabled child??? 

  Tomorrow is the hearing, August 23, 2023 Alachua county, Gainesville, Florida where the letter states that (one of us lived - but no that isn't truth). I have sent a 19 item affidavit with evidence showing that is not true.  

  The Hearing is at 2:00 PM for child support and my disabled daughter is 18 and will be 19 on September 7,2023.  

  Are you aware that the Hearing Officers are not bound by the Judicial commission and there is no oversight for the child support hearing officers? 

 In addition are you aware that the magistrates, and other names other than judge , including Federal judges and state Supreme Court judges do not have oversight of any of these people with these Titles?  

  I was sent a Notice with the hearing information from the DOR ( Department of Revenue in Alachua county) having a hearing for child support where my child or myself , my family never lived.   

  Please comment below if you have experienced a similar situation.  My child has been vaccine injured ( I PROVED THIS IN FEDERAL COURT) won entitlement, she was labeled a ward because she was injured - this was not an option if I wanted the entitlement to rehabilitate her and get her well. 
  Then once she made tremendous progress, was walking and talking and progressing with learning - her dad and family abducts her to a foreign state - causing her to regress and causing her extensive trauma and abuse in the medical and legal system.  

  Now that they have all stolen and theft everything from her they will continue to dope and drug her when she makes an outcry that she doesn't want to be there.  

  There is not 1 person in this entire event that has NOT used my disabled daughter as a cash cow- now they put her in welfare and allow the system abuse - 

  I am going to set up a fundraiser that I will share on all my social media. 
Please HELP HELP HELP my daughters !  Call the Courts - show up at the hearing - I do not live in Florida and never have lived in FLORIDA my daughters were kidnapped via the legal system under false allegations and are suffering for it.  We are NOT alone ! 


How can anyone just sit by and say or do nothing. when people sit idly by and watch an innocent disabled child endure such horrific abusive behavior you are a coward and you are no different than the perpetrator !  

  Please share our story - these people have no remorse of what has been done to my daughter and they have destroyed her health and her mind! 

You can also follow us on 
Facebook : #Justice For Abigaile and Natascha 
Twitter : #Free Abigaile Golec from Guardianship fraud @FreeAbigaileG
TikTok: @saveabigaileandnatascha 

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

73 Months 2242 days + Trauma Abuse #Justice For Abigaile and Natascha


  So I know that the above photo has the incorrect date and time on it but it’s a bit more about the photo.

  I have been wanting to and have even been encouraged to do a TikTok to do a live, etc. etc. etc. from several friends and from others who have experienced this type of legal abuse.

  I’ve received multiple phone calls from my daughter Abigaile’s phone. This is not the first time, but my child is clearly trying to pick my picture to call me and is being refused to talk to me.

  Please read the section on the tab above that says justice for Abigaile and Natascha the story. My story started many years ago even before I realized that the dirtiness of bullying was going on and a dysfunctional family. Not my dysfunctional family, but a dysfunctional family of origin that consist of addictions, trauma and abuse.

 Lies were being built behind my back about me, and my own child was being groomed and used by this dysfunction to turn against me and to use be used as a weapon against me. Yes she is now an adult but you know what abuse is abuse is abuse and I can hear her saying to this day. I will never hear the end of it if I say anything. 

  So I have a couple of other reports that I’m filing and I’ll continue filing and I have numerous reports of case numbers that are scattered in Texas, Florida, Arkansas, and Missouri. And I will continue filing, and I will continue telling people my story because of the numerous people have been led to use my children as a weapon for abuse.

  I find it amazing that I tried to do a live today and I literally had noise all around me blowing up my phone, ringing my phone texting and blah blah blah blah blah so I retain the right to own my videos, my text, my audios and all the information about my case. This case is horrendous for anyone to use a child or children, and especially a disabled child as a weapon for a dysfunctional family, who is addictive behaviors of gotten the best of them is beyond anything it reprehensible.

This case is horrendous for anyone to use a child or children, and especially a disabled child as a weapon.

  The courts, lawyers, and all the other dysfunctional so-called professionals in this case even those that I was primary contact with for 13.8 years and my child’s life and made progress with her. You also are dysfunctional and Have used my disabled child as a weapon.

  Im curious if hackers have to use 2 step authentication - because I was blocked from doing a "live" today on my facebook page ...... 


Saturday, July 1, 2023



To my beautiful girls today and every day momma loves you and misses you. 

  I am sorry for all the stolen memories that have been forcefully removed from our lives. Only a morally dysfunctional people who lacks any morals or good could ever do such a horrific behavior to us all. 

  I wanted to share “ our song “ with you.

And I wanted to share a couple of verses that I happened upon today. 

It is Isaiah 49:25-26 

25 But thus says the Lord:

“Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away,

And the prey of the terrible be delivered;

For I will contend with him who contends with you,

And I will save your children.

26 I will feed those who oppress you with their own flesh,

And they shall be drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine.

All flesh shall know

That I, the Lord, am your Savior,

And your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.”

  I love you both and I miss you so very much! How do you replace , repay or make recompense for over 6 years of time and memories stolen from us? Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy - there is no love or life in those behaviors. 

You don’t. 

Love always,

Your Mommy ❤️❣️❤️❣️

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Day #2219 Father’s Day 2023

Thankful to be able to honor my daddy, Wilbern  “
Buck” Huber who is in Heaven. I honor him because he honored God first, my momma next and he honored his children. 

He was in alignment with God and the ways of God. 
He wasn’t influenced by culture, friends or family. 

He didn’t cause harm to any of us to try and prove a point that was nothing but harmful and detrimental with effects to destroy his own family.

He wasn’t bought or sold and he never used his wife, our mom, to harm, or to please others by doing harm.
He never used his children as weapons to cause harm.

I’m beyond sad that my children never got to meet my dad and to experience that relationship. 

My dads memory will
Always be a blessing because he always did what was right in
The eyes of God and he always defended his family (wife and children first ) .

Happy Father’s Day to the dads who honor God first, their wife and children. I pray God blesses you today !

Love always 


Sunday, May 21, 2023

DAY #2191 -Today is the 6 year anniversary of #05212017 #JusticeForAbigaileAndNatascha


May 2017 photo taken at Grapevine, Texas 

   The People should be appalled and terrified at the legal and justice system, or lack , thereof in this 

country USA.   Have you read our story ?  If not, you should.  

   My daughters were abducted and kidnapped on 05212017 from Texas to Florida.  To this day, both

of my daughters have been estranged from me and kept from me.  

  They were taken on Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 

  This is a horrific form of legal and trauma abuse that has been done to our family, to our daughters and to 


  Please pray that our Creator keeps my girls safe and heals us from the Mental, Emotional and physical

 Trauma they have experienced from this nightmare.  And to anyone who gaslights and normalizes this 

type of behavior please get help. 


#FreeAbigaileGolec - Twitter 
#JusticeForAbigaileAndNatascha - Facebook  

Monday, May 15, 2023

Day #2184 Mothers Day 2023

 If a picture could speak a Thousand Traumas 

NOTICE - from original NOTICE


Justice for Abigaile #Free Abigaile- 


January 11,2023 ( January , Eleven, Twenty Tenty Three ),

All of Paris Huber Golec, Social Media accounts, Blogs, Websites ,telephone accounts, photos, VoIP Videos, surveillance, audio recordings, Radio Shows, podcasts,T.V. Interviews and all correspondence relating to and with Paris Golec and her biological daughters, children Jane doe 1 and Jane Doe 2. All forms of Communications that has been created  or  any communications  regarding these accounts that Has been Electronically Stored Information (ESI) that has been preserved and is prohibited by law  to be used by anyone person, entity or account .  All information is non-disclosure and confidential on these Social Media Accounts, telephone accounts, Radio Shows, T.V. Interviews, Podcasts, Blogs, electronically, audio, video listed above is prohibited. 

/s/ Paris Huber Golec 

Friday, April 14, 2023



  Please follow Hearings like this - your tax dollars are funding them.  These are hearings that bear 

relevance to the government and the states claiming imminent domain on your person and property. 

  If you think or believe that it won't happen - think twice.  There are decisions being made like this on a daily basis for you and your loved ones that you know nothing about and you pay for them - but have no say in the matter.  

  Please share - generations of humans depend upon this information being shared.  

  Some of us are in the middle of battles that we did not choose.

Please pray for my girls - they didn't ask for this and were given no choice.  

Please pray for me - May 21, 2023 will be SIX years with my daughters being held HOSTAGE and

 estranged from me.  This is the most terroristic, evil and cruel behavior that could ever be done to a child 

their mom or dad.  

#Free Abigaile Golec 

#Justice For Abigaile and Natascha 

# Terroristic Legal Abuse 

#Abduction , Kidnapped and Trafficked 

Facebook : #Justice For Abigaile and Natascha Page

Blogspot :

Twitter: #FreeAbigaileG 


Sunday, April 9, 2023

Day 2149 - Easter 2023 - 70 Months of Terroristic Trauma Abuse


  I literally went from May 21,2017 when my girls were abducted and kidnapped and taken out of my life to nothing. 

Please read the blog ( in case you don't have an understanding of this). So many people can't believe what has happened.  Trust me - it has happened. 

  I realize that people can not understand this, because they believe someone is such a good person.  Trust me - when people live their evil childhood trauma disease of the mind people can be evil.  They don't care who they harm.  

  There is nothing good about anyone who has cause the trauma that has been done to me and my girls.  And this has been going on even long before this.  Shameful when people have to do such evil dirty work because of their own bad behavior and cause such horrific trauma to anyone. 

  So many people have it orchestrated in their mind that they know what has happened and they could not be further from the truth.  

  My children and I have been terrorized - Don't blame me or my girls for other peoples satanic behavior and that is is what it is ( satanic).  

  One day people will see the truth- 

  I don't know if my oldest daughter is dead or alive. When people hear the responses I get from asking about her or trying to get welfare checks done ( YOU SHOULD BE TERRIFIED at these EVIL and unstable monsters).  Teach your children about ALL the MONSTERs. 

  I have been begging by sending her emails and texts - and never receive a response.  If anyone has contact with my daughter ( please teach her about domestic trauma abuse).  

  My daughters have been held HOSTAGE after being abducted and kidnapped from ARLINGTON, TEXAS IN MAY 21,2017.  People should be asking why or how can this happen?  These are dangerous and volatile situations that cause serious trauma from terroristic trauma abuse.  

  I was the primary caregiver for our daughters and cared for them placing their needs before my own. They have been held hostage in FLORIDA since JUNE 2017.  

  Some questions that should be answered are " why would anyone be allowed to do this?  " financial gain and gate keeping terrorism over my daughters have cause irretrievable harm to me and to both of them.  

  My daughters childhood have been destroyed and they have experienced horrific childhood trauma at the hands of others. In addition to many other forms of horrific abuse.  

  So that you can understand only a fraction of what has happened - please read this.  Dr. Craig Children helps to explain this horrific form of mental and emotional trauma abuse.  The below page is a compilation of videos, articles etc. you will have a great understanding of mental/emotional illness after this.

  My daughters have been held for almost 6 years hostage by a parent that they trusted.  Why would they ever trust anyone after this? You can't buy them off - thinking your buying them happiness you have bought them absolute hell ! 

  I trust no one. I will likely never trust anyone ever again. I don't feel the need to - don't feel obligated to.   This is the most horrific form of abuse, and to watch the abuse being done to my children is by far worse than what I have experienced and no one knows what has ever been done to me.  

  The team that I put together and was working with one on one to help my disabled daughter literally turned Jeckyll and Hyde.  They are a group of disgusting and reprobate monsters who have destroyed my disabled daughters life and her health.  There is absolutely nothing that any of them can ever do to rectify or make right what they have destroyed. 

  Every people has been part of destroying her life you deserve exactly what she has had to live. To terrorize and destroy her health, her well being and her rehabilitation that I spent 13 years on that none of you have anything to do with it. 

  You should be ashamed but sadly you are not and you deserve to experience first hand what she has had to. I have no sorrow or empathy for anyone that destroys the life of a child who is disabled. That is just plain evil and satanic.  I have no respect for any of you for what you have done.  God says He will have His vengeance- 

  If you see my daughters please know they did not go to Florida on their own.  They were taken against their will.  They have experienced horrific mental, emotional and physical trauma.  You can feed yourself all the fell good you want because you think you may know someone - 

  My daughters #ABIGAILE GOLEC and #NATASCHA GOLEC were family abducted and kidnapped across multiple state lines in May 2017 from Arlington, Texas to Florida.  This is called CHILD TRAFFICKING.  

  My disabled daughter has been further exploited for many reasons especially financially. My disabled daughter was walking with a walker and taking independent steps in addition to talking and many other milestones before this horrific form of abuse was done to her. #ABIGAILE GOLEC 

  I AM and have been working with a agency.  

  Please if you see or know my daughters - they have experienced a horrific form of trauma.  Please show them empathy, kindness and care.  They did not ask for this -

 I am their biological mother and I have not stopped fighting for my girls since May 21,2017 since this happened but instead have learned how corrupt, terroristic and abusive this system is. 

This is not a circus our lives are being destroyed by the hands of liars, thieves and mentally dysfunctional people who destroy others lives.  I have been reduced to a silent phone call, twice per week with my disabled daughter who can no longer express herself.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Day #2100 family Terrorism


#Day 2100

#05212017 abducted and trafficked 

#Texas Trafficking disabled child 

#Florida Trafficking disabled child


#Hate Crimes

  My daughters were abducted , kidnapped and trafficked from Texas to Florida on May 21,2017. 

  My daughters and I have now suffered and been traumatized and terrorized by numerous people including family and friends.

  Additionally , my daughters and I have been terrorized and traumatized by countless agencies, organizations, Police, domestic violence agencies and countless agencies in Three states including those who were licensed and credentialed don’t help protect our Due Process , Civil and Human Rights.

  All of which have been grossly violated and our Human rights denied in multiple states who took part in this event. 

  My disabled daughter has been traumatized, terrorized, mentally , emotionally and physically. 

  We have suffered mental, emotional and physical trauma that no human being should ever experience. 

 My daughters were in my full time care and were taken without my knowledge, consent or permission. 

There are strangers making decisions for my disabled 

Daughter that has caused her neurological trauma in addition to the the above. These hate crimes have destroyed her mentally , emotionally and have caused neurological damage in addition to severe and chronic regression. 

  This is one of the worst forms of trauma that anyone could ever do to a child and their mother or dad. 

  Let my daughters go and give them free will. I have never done anything to harm or neglect my daughters . You are terrorizing them . 

  Please go to the tab for justice above and contact the state senators listed - send them registered

Letters with #justiceForAbigaileAndNatascha


Request that a formal Federal investigation be done on our case. Please be respectful and polite. 

  All of my hard work with our daughter almost 14 years has been wasted while she has been pillaged and plundered . She has been terrorized , and regressed . 

She doesn’t deserve this ! 

  Please send letters and if you will send them with return proof of delivery and share them with me. Please do this for Abigaile. 

Abigaile and Natascha mommy 


#Day 2100

#05212017 abducted and trafficked 

#Texas Trafficking disabled child 

#Florida Trafficking disabled child


#Hate Crimes



Day #2300 September 7, 2023 It is the anniversary of Abigailes Mission being born

    Happy blessed Birthday my beautiful Abigaile, September 7, 2023  Your birthday commemorates the day that God created you and said to ...