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1581 days ( ONE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ONE DAYS AGO) Childhood trauma abuse


May 21, 2017 the day my daughters, Abigaile and Natascha were family abducted.  

May 21, 2017 Family Abduction and Kidnapping. 

  This is Abigaile, to the left.  A child who was experienced a severe and traumatic vaccine injury ( that was not pre-genetically disposed, according to several medical records from Childrens Hospitals ).  Estranged from the continuity of care that protected her, helped to heal her from a Severe and traumatic adverse reaction to her Vaccines at 5 mos.  She was walking with walker, canes, and could count and had recognized and verbally expressed letters and numbers.  

  Now she is traumatized, terrorized, held captive for over four years and severely regressed at the hands of others who never care for her and was not active in her care.  

  Abigaile was Thirteen years and Eight months old.  She had spent Seven years in the club Med allopathic medicine , not progressing, getting sicker, and stagnant in any progress because she was doing Occupational injury therapy that was not allowing her progress. She did not have an Occupation Injury.  

  I am her mother. I was her primary attachment, her continuity of care and trained personally in every therapy modality, and treatment for Abigaile. Abigaile has suffered and now grossly regressed at the hands of people who are more concerned about their personal involvement and benefit of control, manipulation and funds from the entitlement that I solely won for her injuries because of my continuity of care for my daughter.  Now labeled a WARD of Florida - signed over Guardianship and now a " Power of Attorney".  The damage and theft continues.  This is criminal exploitation of a disabled daughter.  


This is Natascha - 5/2017 age 17. Just experiencing childhood trauma.

   This is Natascha.  The beautiful older sister.  Natascha was Seventeen when she was Family abducted and interstate kidnapped.  Natascha's innocence stolen.  I can not imagine all that Natascha has been subjected to and coerced and manipulated to do during this.    
  I can go back to Nataschas actions and behaviors that she would present after visiting the mother of her dad.  The same behaviors that her own dad spoke of himself doing while he was living in an abusive childhood trauma and terror.  Actions speak loudly when one is willing to listen. 

  Addictive Behaviors were coming out of the girls dad,  and I had requested him to please seek counseling and professional therapy - we agreed to this prior to marriage.  When he told me that he was seeking counsel to his mom and his sister ...

  I know that Natascha went along with the plan, what else could she do?  
She loves and cares for her sister, Abigaile.  She likely thought that nothing bad will ever happen to Abigaile - she could protect her.  Yet, what could she do when the time to abduct based on mom asking her dad to get Professional counseling and therapy - and instead he chooses to chat with the family where his childhood trauma and terror came from.  She likely found that buying emotions isn't comforting very long.  She likely experienced the terror and trauma of living Abigailes hell twice.  It was horrific the first time but to see ( family members because of their bullying , and narcissistic behaviors ) Natascha relived this again.  

  Natascha is now enmeshed with childhood trauma and behaviors, is it looking normal to her? 
 You can't go against the grain or the storyline, the narrative of the cult- if you do - you will be the Witch hunt.  This is how people who act and behave in this manner-  
  Natascha has not been allowed to freely communicate with me, her mom since her abduction and kidnapping.  She has not been allowed a relationship with me since this abduction and kidnapping. No phone calls, no voice mails, no text, no emails. 
 People should understand this is forming, programming and grooming a young woman in her relationships to believe this is normal behavior.  

PLEASE, I IMPLORE YOU - Look at the BEFORE and AFTER photos of both of our daughters on this blog.    She has no free will.  I have heard some pretty deplorable statements from people.  
This is emotional incest and causing severe Psychological trauma and damage for years.  In addition there have been and continue to be - so called professionals who reward it and go along with it.  Likely because they too experience it.  They just want to feel they are " getting back at someone".  
  I have never done anything to any of these people.  My children have never done anything to these people.  How can they be allowed to continue this mental, emotional, physical, financial Trauma abuse ? 
Because they want control, manipulation, and they profit-  not the best interest of a child.  

Dr. Childress explains the family dynamic of this emotional incest. 

  I had a difficult time after being married Twenty years and being together for Twenty two years with the love of my life trying to understand how he could do this to me or our daughters.  
  I have over Twenty years in Medical, health and the health sciences.  I decided to research this and came upon Dr. Childress who explains this Childhood trauma and attachment disorder.  I mean what kind of person, just does a 360 and starts a hate campaign against their spouse.  
  I watched my Seventeen year old daughter go from a loving and wanting to please and do what she was asked. Our daughters never hit, spanked or abused.  To go to a daughter who became oppositional, defiance and would not even speak to me when her dad came home.  She would not respond and went out of her way one day to say to me " mom , homeschool is not real school ".  I knew where this Hate campaign came from - it started the day of our wedding.  

Dr. Craig Childress- AB -PA blog  - Explains the dynamics of dysfunctional family behaviors, attachment disorders and alienation and estrangement.  

  My plea today on my gofundme-  I am not just asking but I am begging for others to get involved.  Our daughters are in eminent danger. Abigaile , has become more non verbal, has severely lost cognitive skills, she is medically kidnapped and being exploited.  

Today is 1581 days that my daughters Abigaile and Natascha have been coerced and forcefully removed from my life. No investigations and no Discovery. My daughters and I have been terrorized and traumatized not only by the person we trusted but in addition we have all been terrorized and traumatized by a system that claims to help victims. In my experience, I have seen experienced nothing but bullying and exploitation of victims. What family abduction looks like in my case : This past week of September 14th was Nataschas birthday - five birthdays and recklessness, callous , and malicious behavior done to a child who has done nothing but instead was a victim of abuse. This past week I filed another response to the Probate court to Judge Stacey M. Youmans , Citrus County , Florida. Once again I have filed in this document where I was never served by the attending attorney Pamela Martini in the previous hearing with Judge Peter M Brigham . The attorney Samantha Shealy Rauba served me notice and then was mysteriously DISMISSED by Peter M Brigham. I never received notice. In my filing my answer to the Judge Stacey M. Youmans I have shown a corrupt paper trail of the Alachua county court family court , and then the Citrus County guardianship / probate court to continue with a false narrative that never was investigated and no Discovery. In every single conference, hearing etc. I have informed the court and all the judges, and attorneys of the criminal theft of my daughters , interstate transporting them and holding them hostage against their will ( UCCJEA filing 01/2019 dissolution of marriage ). My daughters were coerced and forcibly taken from my daily care in addition to my continuity of care for my disabled daughter and have caused her gross regression and mental and emotional trauma and harm. The reality is this has caused childhood trauma - has caused severe regression in our daughters health and her rehabilitation. Why would any parent want to cause this harm and trauma to their own disabled child? Why would a system want to cause irreparable harm and inflict this trauma on a disabled child? Why has their never been any investigation in my case ? In Texas where we resided as a family together ? Why has their never been any investigation in my case in Florida? The photo posted below shows our daughters in a photo, taken from their home and place of safety a day or two after they were abducted. The photo sent to me with no explanation , with no response to where they were, what was being done to them - or even why this was being done. { I have a exhaustive list of contacts to law enforcement , missing persons agencies and other government agencies in Texas and Florida with Case numbers.} What can you do ? If you can please donate - no amount is too small to bring my babies home. This is cruel and torturous abuse to them and to me. Please contact the Office of Inspector General Justice Department in Florida and the Washington DC and request that a formal , federal investigation be done in this case. Alachua County Florida case # 01-2018-DR-004259 Citrus County Florida - File no. 2021-GA-33 2021 GA 000033A File No. 35-2021-GA-000033 Please get involved my daughters life is dependent on numbers of people to Protect Abigaile. #FreeAbigaileG
  with Love, 
Paris ( Momma to Natascha and Mommy to Abigaile ) 
#Justice For Abigaile and Natascha 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl momma loves you and I pray that your day is blessed !!!

September 14, 1998 my gorgeous girl I have always loved you even since the day I learned your where in my womb .... love always xoxo 

Happy blessed Birthday my beautiful girl, 

  Natascha, your  birthday commemorates the day that God created you and said to you as an individual, are unique and irreplaceable. There is no other  person alive, no person who has ever lived, and no person who shall ever live, that can fulfill the specific role in My creation I have entrusted to you..." 

  This is the day when you were given the authority for your mission to help change the world. The day when God entrusted you with the mission to challenge a world that is so hostile spirituality and to be able to transform it into God's private garden sanctuary. While accomplishing this goal you were given the ability to achieve incredible spiritual heights. The kind of heights that are unimaginable to the soul before it was dispatched from its lofty heavenly home to inhabit your physical body. The power of the Universe- all to you for your mission for God. 

My beautiful girl - you will help to change the Universe !!! with love, momma 

  Celebrating a birthday is also a demonstration of confidence and endurance. The type of confidence that you are and you will continue to be worthy of God's trust. No matter the obstacles, no matter the circumstances, you will persevere and live up to God's expectations of you. No matter what others try to throw at you or place as obstacles in your way- God has given this mission to you to complete and God will see it through. He will remove people, places and things that try to block this mission. 

  Fulfilling the commandments of God is the vehicle through which we connect to God.  It is how we are made in His image. The Spirit of God, is the breath of God that lives inside us.  Every time that we breathe in or breathe out, every word that is spoken should edify God and elevate Him.  

  This means greater responsibility, but an infinitely greater connection, too. Your birthday is also the anniversary of this awesome occasion. This is reason to be thankful for your birthday. To celebrate your mission to celebrate the worthiness that God created you. 

  When you were born on September 14, 1998 it was God that  invested within you a soul abounding with talents and qualities.  These talents and qualities of your inner soul are those things God given to you that will help you to complete the mission that God has assigned to you on this earth. These talents and qualities, characteristics are by far more important than anything of accolades, academia, or culture taught.  To be given Godly talents and gifts is a gift to receive that is priceless. 

  My beautiful Natascha, On this day you have the ability to accomplish that which might be very difficult on any other day.  I pray that this day you feel a special connection to God.  That you are reminded of how God created you for your mission . Be blessed in Your special day the day that you and your mission was born into existence.  Your momma loves you and misses you and I know that God is bigger than anyone, anything or any obstacle that has kept us apart. I pray. that this day is made special for just you and that you are made whole. 

  You have both been forced and coerced to experience things in your short lives, your innocence and childhood stolen.  Just know that God is going to use our pain and trauma for His purposes of changing the world.  
I believe. 
love momma, 
happy beautiful birthday 

Beautiful birthday blessings my beautiful girl, 

love, hugs, sugars, and more love, 


xoxo <3 


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Update on Abigailes Story - September 11, 2021 - FCACC project Pink slip and Fundraiser

September 11, 2021 A photo of Abigaile with the doll that I sent to her for her birthday. September 7, 2021.  September 7 was the day the OIG ( Office of Inspector General received the FCACC letter).  God is in this. 
Psalm 121:5-8 

The Lord is your protector; The Lord is your shade on your right hand. The sun will not beat down on you by day, Nor the moon by night. The Lord will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul.

The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in - From this time and forever.  

   I wanted to thank everyone and especially so many who have helped to be part of this campaign to Free Abigaile.  I was sent information this morning that the FCACC has received a response from the OIG Office of Inspector General.

  I am so thankful for the private response and the OIG taking personal responsibility in this serious matter and am beyond thankful that they take this serious and they take their position in this seriously.  We should keep an open mind and remember that there are people in the positions that do consider what has happened and take it very serious. The OIG contact information is listed in the link below - 

** Please if you haven't sent your letter or email please do so and be sure to thank the OIG office for this!! 

The FCACC is demanding a Federal Investigation into this Guardianship Fraud case and believes an investigation will uncover a massive corruption, racketeering operation in Florida.

Please participate in our Mailing Campaign. The letters are written for you, you just need to sign them and pop them in the mail! Please click on the photo below for the link to the Google Drive for this campaign.

FCACC website links with prewritten letters and instructions :

   Thank you for the response from the OIG and that you are taking jurisdiction and personal responsibility for this serious matter.  And thank you to FCACC for all your members are doing to stay updated in this. I am beyond appreciative. 

  We still need the prayers, pre-written letters sent, phone calls , emails sent to all those listed on the PDF document in the #FreeAbigaile section.  

  Please share on social media, twitter, facebook etc.  

Also I had a friend who has graciously donated time for graphics and setting up fundraiser and has truly been a God send to me as so many of you have for Abigaile. I can not thank you enough.  Please if you can donate to help #FreeAbigaileGolec I can assure you there is no donation that is too small.  This is an enormous project.  

Go fund me page for #FreeAbigaileAndNatascha

And please visit the # FreeAbigaileGolec fb page :

Thank you I can not tell you how much this momma appreciates every single effort done for my daughter Abigaile.  We will pay it forward.  There are so many who need desperately attention and efforts.  This is a work for humanity to stop the terrorism that is and has been done on our families and children.  

with love


Monday, September 6, 2021

Mommy wishes for you a Beautiful and blessed birthday

 Abigaile 18th birthday 9/7/2021 

   Happy Birthday my beautiful Abigaile- your mommy loves you and misses you beyond words.  If there were any gift that mommy could give your right now it would be that we spend it together.  I hope one day that you will be able to understand that things have been done that the choices were not given to you or I.  This is one of those choices. I would never be away from my children ever. I pray peoples conscience brings them to their knees and I pray deeply for anyone who has caused us both harm.

You are my Sunshine 


Happy blessed Birthday ! 

  Abigaile, your birthday commemorates the day that God created you and said to you as an individual, that you are unique and irreplaceable. There is no other  person alive, no person who has ever lived, and no person who shall ever live, that can fulfill the specific role in My creation I have entrusted to you..."

  This is the day when you were given the mandate for your mission to help change the world. This day God entrusted you with the mission to challenge a world that is so hostile spirituality - and to be able to transform it into God's private garden sanctuary. And while accomplishing this goal you were given the ability to achieve incredible spiritual heights. The kind of heights that are unimaginable to the soul before it was dispatched from its lofty heavenly home to inhabit your physical body.

  Celebrating a birthday is also a demonstration of courage and confidence. The type of confidence that you are and you will continue to be worthy of God's trust. Your courage it will not matter the obstacles, no matter the circumstances, you will persevere and live up to God's expectations of you.

  You my beautiful girls are fulfilling the commandments of God is the vehicle through which we connect to God.  It is how we are made in His image. 

  This image means greater responsibility, but an infinitely greater connection, too. Your birthday is also the anniversary of this awesome occasion. This is reason to be thankful for your birthday. 

  When you were born it was God that  invested within you a soul abounding with talents and qualities.  These talents and qualities of your inner soul are those things God given to you that will help you to complete the mission that God has assigned to you on this earth. 

  It was on this day you have the ability to accomplish that which might be very difficult on any other day.  Mommy prays that this day you will feel a special connection to God.  Mommy prays that you are reminded of how God created you for your mission .  blessed in Your special day the day that you and your mission was born into existence.  

Mommy prays that my beautiful Abigaile receives beautiful birthday blessings on her special day- and mommy prays that God will see it possible that you and mommy will be together again soon.  

I love you my beautiful Abigaile - you have given me a gift of life for all that you have shared with your mommy.  For the faith alone that you have given mommy through the love, caring and trusting God to keep you protected and keep you alive when Doctors said you should not be alive. I will always put my trust and faith in God and trust Him and I will continue to trust that God will bring us both through this. 

Love, Hugs, sugars, and Birthday mission blessings 

Love always, 

Your forever mommy 

Xoxo 💜💜💜

Friday, September 3, 2021

EMERGENCY - URGENT !!!! Update - probate court in Citrus County Florida -


Is called Probate Fraud 

 What I have learned during all of this is that it is very difficult to Trust- anyone.  Even good people become swayed by marketing, self -gain and even money.  I really just don't need people like this in my situation to save my daughters life.  

  If you don't believe that they are intent to kill my daughter just follow some of the other probate cases in this link below.

Thank you Robert for your dedication and your help - I am beyond appreciative. I have to make choices with people that truly want to save Abigaile.  I dont know what it all looks like yet- 

  I need an army - this isn't all about me - its about Abigaile its about others who have been wronged.  Medical kidnapping, probate theft and guardianship which is eminent domain over the entitlement of Injuries and the body of my child. 

What the hell kind of world do we live in that people can even do this kind of behavior ?  In addition what kind of people say they will help and make it in to a campaign or use the situation to stroke their egos or extort money?  

Im appreciative to everyone who helps and is helping to free Abigaile - My daughters life is in jeopardy. Please leave all egos and judgement at the door there is no need for it here. 

Please help save Abigaile 

Please send donations to this mercy campaign to save my daughters life to 

@Paris-Golec ( Venmo ) 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

#Justice For Abigaile # Free AbigaileG #Free Abigaile Golec From Guardianship Fraud (updated with additional link)

#Justice for Abigaile # Project Pink Slip 
#FCACC - Family Court anti Corruption Coalition 

  There are pre-written letters on behalf of The Family Court Anti Corruption Coalition that are already done for you.  Please print them, sign them and mail to appropriate Florida government officials.  There are instructions , address, and letters that are in the link below.  This is not just for Abigaile, this is for those who have been wronged, murdered, and stolen by the system. Please be part of this mighty movement of the Family Court Anti Corruption Coalition.  Please like FCACC on Facebook, Twitter and their website. God bless all who help 💓

Link for instructions and pre-written letters.  


@FreeAbigaileG -Twitter

#Free Abigaile Golec from Guardianship Fraud 

# Justice For Abigaile and Natascha- Facebook page


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Abigaile Golec minor, disabled child- Child Trafficking, Guardianship and Probate theft

  My beautiful daughter Abigaile Golec born September 2003 has lived through more trauma than most adults.  In 2003 she would start her life being born with normal Apgar scores- then group B strep positive. She was given the typical vaccine of Hep B and Vit. K at birth.  Causing a reaction with her bilirubin - having to start her tiny life out with a bill light. By February 2004 she would go for her well check and have her 4 month check up and next series of vaccines.  This set of vaccines would cause a serious and life threatening reaction.  

  My previous career prior to children was a Nursing preceptor at our local hospital in my hometown and coding specialist for a Specialist Dr. POD in a nearby town.  My husband and I decided that we wanted healthy attachment and for our children to grow in a different behavior and environment that we each grew in as children and young adults.  

  The prior nursing training helped with observations, documenting etc and with requesting multiple childrens hospitals I managed our daughters Healthcare.  I was her Primary attachment and provided all of her primary attachment until she was absconded from our home in Arlington Texas May 21, 2017. 
  Because of my documentation and Continuity of care with our daughter I was able to prove causation with my evidence of vaccine injury.  I was able to retain a team of Attorneys and was able to win an entitlement for vaccine Injury in a Federal Tort claim for our daughter.  The funds were being seeded and I was able to take my existing care plan and work with my current providers and vendors to get projections of care - I was able to provide the DHHS government careplanner with care plan and she was able to add to it projections and accepted my care plan for our daughter. Throughout this time I continued education, additional training and even trained on our daughters therapy and different modalities because I knew that with the amount of funding Abigaile would run out of funds before she could be rehabilitated to even function in a minor capacity.  In 2009 Abigaile was awarded a vaccine Tort entitlement that would be divided in A trust account called Reversionary for health expenses and anything that would benefit Abigailes life toward rehabilitation or making her comfortable. The second would be a futures wage and earnings for damages compensation called a Guardianship. My former husband and I would be Co - permanent Guardians on these accounts.  See : -

  In 2009 Abigaile was no longer making progress and was not responding to therapies or treatments.  I learned this was because the therapies and treatments in our system of allopathic care are geared toward occupational injury.  They are not geared toward Neurological trauma or injury.  I spoke with Abigailes Dr. ( I retained his services when Abigaile was Eighteen months old) several times and gave him my documentation and requested since he was a Integrative Dr. asking for addition research or recommendations that would be more stimulating to Abigaile. He gave me research and additional modalities.  We moved to Southern California to start Abigaile on therapies etc. She made the most wonderful and quickest response, mastering these modalities and therapies. I trained in these therapies with home programs for her. So if we ever had to move, then I could maintain these therapies without the cost.  These are not typical programs - they are very expensive but they worked well for Abigaile. She was able to make progress to walk with canes, a walker and take up to Twenty five independent steps. 

 We had to relocate due to cost of living and a lack for employment for my former husband and ended up moving to Grapevine, Texas and eventually Arlington , Texas.  This is where we were residing with new providers for Abigaile.  I had secured new Dr,s and Specialists for Abigaile near Arlington Texas and had a conductive education therapist and we were acclimating Abigaile into walking at public locations.   

  On May 21, 2017 after experiencing some unusual behaviors from my now former husband I requested he seek professional counseling.  He absconded with both of our minor daughters.  I reached out to over 60 agencies local, state and federal to get help and was not successful.  I tried contacting him and our oldest daughter via phones, emails, and texts and never received a reply.  

  In January of 2019 ( One year and eight months later ) I received a summons for dissolution of marriage. I was never told where my children were at.  I never gave consent and I had no knowledge of where they were.  My calls, emails , texts even to today have not been replied. On this dissolution of marriage the UCCJEA stated that my children Abigaile and Natascha were being held at my now former husbands, mothers residence.  That they had lived there since June 2017 - present filing would have been January 2019.  My children were not allowed any communication with me and I was not being allowed any communication or decision making with my children.  In fact my children were being thrown into a system that my now former husband agreed we would never do. 

  I saw my handicapped daughters progress all destroyed, the psychological trauma abuse she was experiencing and her steady regression.  In addition her loss of verbal skills.  

  I could not retain legal aid, my former husband had made false statements the Dallas family shelter of abuse and neglect - when in fact I was the primary caregiver, attachment and health care manager for Abigaile until the day the she was last seen with him.  Those false statement went through the Alachua county court , Gainesville Fla. My documents never going on the docket. I was denied the first hearing, I requested by phone as indigent due to financial hardship. I was left abandoned and deserted with no transportation and no resources in Arlington Texas.  I could not retain legal aid , my husband who was employed retain legal aid and left me with nothing.  I was denied due to conflict of interest. In Alachua Cty , Gainesville fla. Judge Robert Groeb denied my attending hearing by phone, the day of the hearing. My former husband given sole custody, I was given Two- thirty minute supervised phone calls with my disabled daughter. I met Leslie Ferderigos, parent alienation lawyer, told her my story, she added me to her non profit to accept donations for legal counsel for me.  She made a motion to set aside the judgment, and said that once that was granted she would petition to modify the custody - this  never happened.  See #free Abigaile tab on blog.  A Second non- jury trail was scheduled for November 2020.  When I had asked Leslies office why I kept being scheduled on the calendar and removed her paralegal took offense and called me screaming. I sent Leslie a email to which she replied she was dropping my case- 26 days before the court I had waited 3.5 years for at that time. After giving Ms Ferderigos dropbox information showing my daughter in danger - and requesting Ms Ferderigos to request an emergency motion to modify - she refused instead telling me to contact CPS.  During the first hearing, Abigaile was made a ward of the state by Judge Robert Groeb, stating that she could not leave the state of Florida without prior petition to his court based on statutes.  I told Ms Ferderigos this, which she could see the prior ruling, and asked why she would advise me to call CPS knowing my daughter was a ward to which she did not reply.  

  I filed a formal medical board complaint against our daughters Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. His refusal to comply with my wishes of not giving our daughter medical marijuna and other drugs that had already been documented to cause her trauma, harm, unnecessary side effects and even severe adverse reactions such as uncontrolled and generalized seizures.  I was asked how I knew this information and I was able to access the medical records and progress notes- after I told Ms Ferderigos this information the Dr. office manager refused me all medical records and progress notes telling me that I would have to get a court order from the Judge stating that he was requesting that I have access to my daughters medical records.  

  The first hearing October 2019 in Alachua County family court Judge Robert Groeb - was a default judgement , no discovery , no investigation of false statements made to Dallas Texas family shelter Dallas Texas.  I was denied telephonic hearing by Judge Groeb - day of the hearing.  
  The next hearing - entered by lawyer, Leslie Ferderigos- a motion to set aside judgement.  This hearing I did not get a status conference - until 15 minutes prior to the actual hearing.  I was advised prior  that when this was ruled- there would be a motion to modify custody. This did not happen. Instead a hearing was scheduled for November 2020 ( Two days ).  After this hearing and sending over our daughters Arkansas Guardianship structure to Leslie Ferderigos , there was essentially no communication, and after my asking repeatedly for updates and requesting the motion to modify because I could see on medical records that my daughter was being medically assaulted, treatments and drugs given to her that were causing her trauma, adverse reactions and I was advised the Dr. would no longer communicate with me. I reached out to the paralegal and the paralegal called me screaming at me telling me how ungrateful are that dont pay and hung up on me. I emailed Ms Ferderigos and told her I didn't appreciate this from her paralegal so Ms Ferderigos withdrew. A hearing with Judge Groeb resulted in her being allowed to withdraw and my not having counsel again.  There was no way to win this case, and I was told my Robert Groeb that if I could find another attorney that he would not allow me to have a recorder, would not allow a continuation of the hearing. He would deny it. I was also denied reading my statement for the hearing. 

  The hearing in November happened via zoom - it was less than a thirty minute hearing. There was no discovery, no investigation.  They called the caregiver who perjured herself , and has caused conflict in the relationship with my daughter. She has made false statements regarding my daughter and her care- prior to the caregiver. Judge Groeb advised me during the hearing if I ever wanted to see my daughter again that I would go by his plan.  At no time was I able to read my statement during the hearing. Robert Groeb asked my former husband what he wanted to do and my former husband said two - thirty minute phone calls.  Because of this outcome , my former husband then petitioned the Arkansas Probate court for my removal as a Co Permanent Guardian.  This hearing was held the week or so after the Second custody hearing or summary Judgement.  

  Arkansas Probate court Judge Doug Schrantz this was less than a thirty minute hearing also. My former husband hired an attorney and I was removed as a Co Permanent Guardian of the Trusts and Guardianship that I spent over Seven years researching, caring for our daughter and providing my sole documentation of evidence to prove causation of vaccine injury.  Once I was removed , based on the Dissolution only and that the former husband had absconded for one year and eight months without any communication- they were now calling this a relocation of our daughter.  I never gave consent never had any knowledge of - so now the Guardianship was requested and granted to be moved to Citrus county Florida.  

  June 22, 2021 I receive notice from Samantha Shealy Rauba , attorney for Allen Golec stating that there is a probate hearing regarding Abigaile Golec.  Keep in mind Abigaile has already been labeled a ward of Florida. This is a hearing to assign a Florida state guardian and Florida state advocate.  The thirty minute hearing with my two witnesses, was my being muted during the majority of the hearing. I was placed in the waiting room after being asked to speak on the record.  I was threatened with contempt for starting to read my statement, after being asked by judge Robert M Brigham probate judge, Citrus county florida to speak. I was placed in the zoom waiting room when I was allowed back in, Peter Brigham was reading to a woman named Pamela Martini that he was ordering a new judge, and requesting a Florida state advocate for our daughter Abigaile. I was never advised the outcome of the hearing - I have not been served at any time by Pamela martini and Samantha Shealy Rauba was not present.  As of today, July 25, I have not been served or received anything from this hearing.  On my two designated emails for the Florida E-portal I have not been served or notified anything about my daughter or the ruling on this hearing.  

Summary :
  Paris Golec, a full time, devoted stay at home mom who was the primary attachment, ad full time caregiver of her vaccine injured daughter who was making documented progress is being completely erased.  
  Since my former husband on May 21, 2017, while married twenty years, no divorce, no separation, after being asked to seek professional counseling denied that request and instead absconded with our two minor daughters Abigaile and Natascha.  I have been denied all communication and contact with our daughters freely, and they have been denied all contact and communication with me after being their primary attachment and continuity of care. 
  Our daughter Abigaile a special needs daughter from severe and life threatening vaccine reaction was forcefully removed, without my consent or knowledge and I was denied being told where she was or what was being done in her care. 
  I was served a dissolution of marriage after One year and eight months, and on UCCJEA stating that my children had been held at the mother of my daughters dad in Floral city Florida- a gated elder community. October 2019 - I was denied representation, due process, an investigation of false statements of abuse and neglect from a Dallas Texas family shelter where there was never any service or investigation even informing me that this was happening.  This false statement transferred to Florida where my children were held hostage without my consent or knowledge and neither of us were allowed contact or communication with the other. So that the Dissolution of marriage could be filed with " unclean hands". I was denied to attend hearing - because of the poverty and hardship I had been left abandoned and deserted in Arlington Texas with no resources and no transportation. I was denied basic repairs to the motorhome I was left in and denied reimbursement or funds to help with upkeep on motorhome.  Eventually I was evicted and was forced to relocate to a different state. This hearing happened and a default ruling was given for the dad with "unclean hands" and I was allowed two - thirty minute per week phone calls with my disabled daughter. In addition I was denied legal, denied any funds etc after a Twenty two year marriage where I was a stay at home mom who homeschooled and was a full time care manager for our disabled daughter Abigaile.  
 December 2019-  I was able to meet a alienation lawyer Leslie Ferderigos who stated she would represent me, that I had a clear case of kidnapping she would motion to modify custody. Instead after the motion to set aside the judgment - she with drew twenty six days prior to the hearing I had waited for three and half years at that time.  October 2020.  
November 2020 -second hearing ( should have been the motion to modify custody, due to no investigation, false statements of abuse and neglect ( never investigated and no reports files etc- I was never even notified that this was happening ). The Judge Groeb threatened me, telling me that if I wanted to see my daughter again I would do things his way. This was after my statement to him that my daughters were abducted and kidnapped and taken with out my permission, my consent or even my knowledge and had been kept and withheld from me. And that me and my daughters had been denied communication and contact.  Second ruling for dad for sole custody, our handicapped daughter ruled a ward of florida stating she can not leave the state without court approval by statutes.  The judge asked what the dad wanted he said two thirty minute calls per week.  
  November 2020- Arkansas probate hearing to remove me as Co Permanent Guardian and to move the Guardianship to Florida where Abigaile was kidnapped and held hostage.  The ruling was granted based solely on the ruling of Florida.  For divorce granted and that our daughter was now a resident of Florida ( based on false statements and fraud under color of law and abuse of power). 
 June 22, 2021 - Probate hearing - Notice sent to me of Probate hearing to assign Florida Guardianship and  Florida state advocate for Abigaile.  This was sent by attorney Samantha shelly Aruba ( who was not at hearing ).  I had two witnesses and I attended via zoom.  I was muted several times, and when asked if I had a statement for the record I was scolded by judge Peter m Brigham that he would charge me with contempt.  Then placed me in zoom waiting room while he and my two witnesses spoke.  When I was allowed back in the hearing the judge Peter M Brigham was talking with a woman named Pamela martini who advised that she served me, this is a false statement. I have had two designated emails for Florida E- file for over a year due to the communication issues of the Alachua county Florida Gainesville Fl court Judge Groeb and court clerk not filing my documents. This Probate Court is in Citrus County Florida Inverness Florida - and the court clerk the same. I have served all parties via certified mail with POD and have gotten the signatures and have certified mail numbers. 
  The docket for Alachua county has been closed - Judge Robert Groeb not on docket anywhere but a judge wright whom I have never met or heard of. I also did not receive all the documents on this docket. 
  The docket for Citrus county has been closed- Judge Peter M Brigham , Pamela Martini, Allen Golec, a female name for a Florida advocate is all that is listed ( I can not see the items on the docket). I am listed under this as a Florida E-File.  

Paris Golec a stay at home, homeschool mom - disabled daughter Abigaile Golec - alienated, estranged , terrorized by Texas, Florida and Arkansas court systems.  Abigaile will be Eighteen on September 7, 2021.  She is labeled a ward of Florida. Her assets and estate won vaccine injury have been order a new judge, a state guardian, a state advocate.  Nothing has been communicated to me after this hearing 6/22/2021. There is nothing on my Florida E-file I have two emails on Fl E-file.  I have been served nothing to the outcome. 

Alachua County Florida - Gainesville Eighth Judical circuit - 
Judge Susanne Wilson Bullard 
Judge Robert Groeb - Judicial assistants Kelly Jones , Teresa Stevenson - court clerk ( did not file any of my documents on court record ) 
Case # 01-2018- Dr-4259 

November 2020- Arkansas Probate and Guardianship - 
Case # 04 PR -10-297-6 
Judge Doug Schrantz 
removed my permanent guardianship. I am the one who got proffered and entitled the settlement and award for Abigaile. I had no help in this besides the attorneys. The attorneys found the professional witness, the head of Neurology at Children Hospital Leboneur TN and he took my research and documentation and used it for causation and the Special master was the kindest man ever and never questioned my ability, my documentation or anything and he ruled for me for Abigaile. He even asked if I wanted the decision published or unpublished.  
Arkansas probate Judge Doug Scrantz Benton county , Bentonville Arkansas removed me as Co Guardian and ordered the guardianship to be moved to Florida against my wishes which I expressed to our daughters Co-Guardian of the estate ( for financial and accounting purposes- Rebecca Hurst PLLC ).  Ms. Hurst initially stressed to me she saw no reason why Judge Doug Schrantz would remove me.  

June 22, 2021 - Citrus county Florida Inverness Florida 
Probate hearing to assign a state appointed Florida Guardian and Florida state appointed advocate 
File # 2021- GA-33
File# 2021 GA 000033 A 
Judge: Peter M Brigham 
Woman at court : Pamela Martini ( I was never served ) 
Samantha Shealy Rauba - served me but was not at court 6/22/2021 and was showing dropped in May 2021 from the case ( on the docket)

   I have been alienated and completely estranged from my disabled daughter who was starting to walk and talk and make considerable progress. She was not ordered medications because they had all been discontinued due to her progress. I have been denied all due process and I have literally been gaslit and bullied and my daughter has suffered at the hands of abuse of a system when I had documentation of no abuse and no neglect. There was never any investigation I was never served that there was abuse or neglect to be able to even defend myself in Texas or Florida. My daughter medically and legally kidnapped and now labeled a ward of the state and a stranger who has oversight of funds that I secured to get our daughter healed and making progress. I have audio recordings that I hear twice a week on our supervised - thirty minute call of my handicapped daughter begging to go bye to her mommy and she can not even say mommy anymore - she has hit him, screamed, cried and begged.  This is abuse of power under the color of law.  
  I want my daughter returned to me I am her mother. My daughter has been completely removed from my life for no justification except theft of a guardianship and medical exploitation under legal abuse.  

Please someone help me. 

#Family Court Anti Corruption Coalition 
#Free Abigaile 
#Medical Kidnapping 
#legal Abuse
#abuse of Power



Monday, July 5, 2021



  The last meeting - hearing was for Probate court in Citrus County Florida for supposedly our daughters dad to post a bond to be able to remove the state oversight of guardianship over our Minor daughter, who is handicapped.  Instead the meeting went a whole different direction. 

   There is no docket with MY name listed - why is this ?  The attorney SAMANTHA SHEALY RAUBA sent this NOTICE to me ( notarized March 1, 2021 - supposedly signed May 20,2021 ) giving me 20 days to respond. 
   SAMANTHA SHEALY RAUBA did not attend this meeting-  instead a Pamela Martini attended the online zoom meeting.  Whom I was not serviced by,  and she remained silent when I asked her questions on how she could relate to the guardianship or trust or crime if a a crime was committed and Pamela Martini did not answer.  

  The acting administrator PETER M BRIGHAM instead took it upon himself to dialogue with Pamela Martini after asking if I would like to make a statement.  He refused to allow me to speak on the record instead he claimed, no - no- no several times and even threatening me with contempt if I did not stop talking.  I continued talking but Peter M Brigham refused to allow me due process, refused to allow me to speak to the record.  

  I stated that my handicapped daughter who is a minor has been abducted and kidnapped and that she is being held hostage and that there is trespass on my biological property and her estate.  I sent the citrus county probate court prior notice prior to twenty days and stated that my biological property and her estate where abducted and kidnapped and that I want them returned to me immediately.  

  The acting administrator continued to speak over me and would not allow me to finish and PETER M BRIGHAM AND PAMELA MARTINI continued their conversation while refusing to acknowledge my presence or verbalizing the kidnapping that had taken place.  

Once again I am trying to sign on to the with my user id to E-file.  I am being blocked from the website stating that my user id doesn't exist- my password is not valid.  I reset the password and continue to get user id does not exist even though I have a valid profile.  

I called the CITRUS COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS https://www.where I get a voice mail that they are closed for the Holidays until Monday ( but gives the date they will reopen Monday Nov 30, 2020 with normal business hours of 8 am to 5 pm ).  This number does not allow to leave a voice mail - if you press any number there is a message that states " I do not understand your request -thank you for calling and the line disconnects".  


This also is not to even mention the gross violations of Human rights to all of us.  Especially our handicapped daughter.  

I seriously can not believe that I have been at this for Four years.  I have shared my story, Abigailes story, #Justice for Abigaile and Natascha thousands of times to encourage others to tell their stories of injustice but the stories of Human Rights violations and the violation of unalienable rights being violated by a system that is not only stealing the right to what God has given us physically to live with - but to violate what Spiritually God has given. Stealing our own flesh and blood children and giving them to the system.  

This is reprobate.  All for what ? Money, so other family members can control , dysfunctional family systems, addictive behaviors - killing a handicapped child and stealing her blind?  

The even larger and pressing question is why is there a system that labels itself as helping families and children doing just the opposite and it is enlisting named corporate terms to abduct, steal , kidnap and killing our children while moms and dads sit by idle and do nothing about it ?  

I have been told to share my story because of named agencies, organizations, FBI, NCMEC, I have a list of 70 plus agencies including missing persons - my court documents are NOT EVEN on file.  I don't even get served all the documents.  I have been accused of being abusive, neglectful ( NO DISCOVERY , NO EVIDENCE, NO INVESTIGATION) NONE of my court documents are on file and I do not receive everything filed.  My own lawyer ( ignored me when I asked for the the documents on file - the country clerk said there is no reason I shouldn't be able to open them and then said I could pay $3.50 per page to retrieve them - I filed as INDIGENT ).  She said INDIGENT status does NOT apply to court records or transcriptions.  

Meanwhile, my daughter Abigaile has been abducted, kidnapped and held hostage , against her will in CITRUS COUNTY FLORIDA- by the ALACHUA COUNTY FLORIDA COURT ( the address where she was detained against her will is citrus county florida according to the uccjea document ) Why was this case in ALACHUA COUNTY FLORIDA - and now the PROBATE NOTICE IS IN CITRUS COUNTY FLORIDA ?  



Wednesday, June 30, 2021



Earlier today I was having some time reflecting on this entire event.  I found some extremely fitting memes with Martin Luther King, Jr.  that are very appropriate in this situation.  

Its amazing to me that there are friends, family, co workers or what ever label or title you want to use that pick and choose when such an event has happened but this one has really given me some enlightenment.  It gives the word " SHAME"  a whole new level of meaning.  

Be careful what you do to others because you can hurt a lot of innocent people with your own fears and selfishness.  You can even destroy a family, destroy someones life and livelihood that is completely innocent - all because of your own fear and selfishness. 

Even worse you can destroy a child.  

This is precisely what I am watching with my daughter Abigaile.  How many co-conspirators were involved in the witch hunt against me - an innocent mom who was raising her children, supportive of her husband, and supportive of her God , her family and wanting the best for each individual in the family.  Oh- and this mom, decided and chose to always place everyone in her family needs above her own.  

So when the discard came - now the system gets to further trauma abuse me and even worse I am watching the system try and steal our handicapped daughter to Guardianship fraud, steal her estate that I won entitlement for her vaccine injury.  

Yesterday she was so stoned - and drugged she couldn't speak.  If you doubt what I am saying I have recording of this and many, many more.  In addition, because I taught Abigaile her words, I also have written transcripts of every call I have had with her.  

I have seen ALOT of evil in my life , and A LOT of people with EVIL behaviors but this situation - these people have it mastered evil on a blackbelt level.  Starting with the Probate court hearing.  Theft of a handicapped child in addition to theft of her estate and her property. 
What a sick and disgusting generation. 

How many have I spoken to for help - and you chose to look the other way?  Or even worse defend the criminal actions that were happening and now you are speechless? Or you in the system saying your helping and advocating - I was told this by a contact I was given for guardianship fraud help - " you will have to prove to me that it is guardianship fraud first and prove that it is criminal - but because the lawyer I use and the lawyer who withdrew from your case - I give her a lot of cases and gave her a lot of cases around that time " so I can see how this would happen.  Sorry, I have given you close to an hour now ... ( I am guessing that all of the credible documentation that I have and 2 TB of Dropbox info previously shared with the lawyer - that never got entered as evidence wasn't a good enough clue for you ( especially since that lawyer never got it on record - and why????? Because there is NO Discovery in my case.  Surprise - surprise ..... an innocent handicapped child further harmed and could have been prevented. But there is a bond with money and cronies right? 

Rather than defend an innocent mother , or help to raise funds to defend her innocent handicapped daughter- you defend criminals, and make excuses.  No one wants the dirty work- ( self explanatory). 

  So 06/22/2021 the very short hearing in the ( Citrus County Florida probate)  ( show) took place as scheduled.  I was thankful to have the entire event recorded, in addition to having two witnesses who were flabbergasted with the manner in how the judge , or Admin-Is-Traitor acted. 

 In addition I asked Peter M Brigham ( the minor child - trafficking , co-conspitator ) if this proceeding is taped ( the last meeting for custody to traffick to the next court was not).He stated that it was being taped. 

 The last meeting, ( Alachua County Florida meeting -  to kidnapp our handicap daughter and further estrange her from me, there was no recording, no transcript and I was told that I would have to motion to have that ordered. During the meeting. Robert Groeb ( Abachua County handicapped daughter co-conspirator and kidnapper ) advised me, that I could motion to have a recorder or transcriptionist and that if I did he was letting me know - he would deny the motion.  The entire kidnapping proceeding took place as a default , as though I wasn't even there.  

****** NO ONE  can explain why there are TWO different counties.  In fact, there are a lot of things about these co-conspirator meetings that can not be explained.  

 Peter M Brigham  asked my daughters dad ( presenting himself - Sui Juris )if he had statement, he stated no. Then there was an attorney.  The attorney named Samantha Shealy Rauba that sent me the Notice - ( WAS NOT PRESENT AT THIS MEETING ).  However, there was another woman attorney , named Martini that was there and informed Peter M Brigham that she in fact had sent me service on the documents. This woman Martini - not even listed on the firm, and I have never received any documents from her. Stated to Robert Brigham a brief run down of her narrative.  Then Robert Brigham responded with asking me if I would like to speak - and I responded yes I would.  I had written my opening statement and narrative just as I had the past two meetings to speak - I was immediately responded to by no, no, no and was interrupted the entire time.  My microphone kept being muted. My witnesses stated that they could see my mouth moving but they couldn't hear me.  I kept being disconnected during this time as well.  I was even muted and taken off the zoom several times as Robert Brigham continued speaking to my witnesses and whomever.  On my screen it showed that I was on hold outside the zoom and that the host would allow me in momentarily.  So everything that was being said - I was BLOCKED from and was not allowed to speak.  
  When allowed back in I asked if I was being denied my due process to speak and to read my opening statement - I was responded to by Robert Brigham that this was not the way things would be ran.  He further proceeded telling the attorney - ( I don't know who this Pamela Martini was or who she represented but I was never served anything by her) .  
  I addressed her as a woman and asked her if she knew of a man or woman who stated I committed a crime. She looked down and never responded.  I asked Robert Brigham if he knew of a man or woman who says I committed a crime, was Robert Brigham there at this crime? Robert Brigham responded that I have not committed a crime that this is civil court and I told him but this case is a criminal case and even his actions are Minor child kidnapping- he threatened me with contempt. I asked Peter Brigham why this kidnapping case is not in criminal court and is kidnapping a criminal offense?  He further avoided me, did not allowed me to speak, I continued reading my stated to exercise my rights and he stopped the zoom on my end.  
  My witnesses both stated they are writing affidavits for me and my handicapped daughter.  One of my witnesses is writing her affidavit to place on the Robing room - I was told by my professional witness that Peter M Brigham stated he is assigning the case to another judge, I didn't get any of this information.  That Peter Brigham also stated that he is requesting a state guardian and a state advocate for our daughter who is incapacitate, medically kidnapped and being drugged , unnecessarily and excessively, in addition to my receiving emails stating that property that has my name and our daughters dads name on it that we own - we were asked if we wanted to purchase this property ???? Yes.  Purchase property that we are owners that was purchased to use for our daughters rehabilitation.  So that the money from the sales could be put back into our daughters trust and guardianship.  A week or so ago, After this mockery of justice meeting- I was sent another email stating that it is too late now for us to purchase the property ( that we are OWNERS on ) and that if we wish to keep them that we need to pay rent to the Trust or Guardianship of our minor daughter.  

  Our daughter turns 18 - in early September.  Im curious if anyone has a shred of decency to do something to help us save our daughter from this fraud.  I have been asking and begging people for help for FOUR years now.  
  It is amazing to me how many people are spectators and watch child and human cruelty and say " boy I cant believe thats happening ".  Even more evil is to sit back and be so paralyzed from fear that you can't get your own child to a place of safety.  
  Read the memes above - over and over until you get it.  


 These are photos of our handicapped daughter - if you see her tell her that her mommy loves her and misses her and her sister so much.  I pray that someone - anyone who is brave will save her.  Is there anyone out there ?????? 


2017 week prior ( literally a few days before abduction and kidnapping turned Trafficking ). 

This photo was also taken days before her abduction / kidnapping and trafficking event.  In fact I believe this photo was take the Wednesday prior to sunday ( kidnapping ) it was our Twentieth wedding anniversary.  Just showing so you can see another " normal , typical little girl who was happy, healthy, and safe"  May 2017. 

This was taken Dec 2020 - with the quilt I sent her for christmas.  This is the face of a handicapped child who has been traumatized, tormented, punished for loving her mommy and being attached to her mommy, medically kidnapped and maltreatment ( I have documentation ) witnesses, legal abuse, financial abuse, guardianship fraud. Mental and emotional trauma abuse and then heavily drugged and medicated for expressing her emotions. I also want to mention Abigailes sister - who was used, controlled, lied to and manipulated into all of this.  Natascha I know the truth- and you know that I know the truth.  This poor child has been traumatized controlled and manipulated for showing affection, loving me also.  She has been further mentally and emotionally controlled and manipulated by showing any attention, love or affection toward her sister or helping her sister.  Natascha has been punished for showing the same affection.  How horrific my daughters have been forcibly kept from me their mom for 

1521 days kidnapped and estranged 

Remember this last photo - and remember my words.  Because if my daughter ends up being dead - I want this to be the last thing you remember when you wake up - I want this to be the last thing you remember when you go to sleep.  I want you to be plagued and haunted by her face during every waking breath and every waking hour you have.  I want you to do something - to help set my daughter free from this hell and if you don't I hope you never forget it. 
Abigailes mommy forever




1581 days ( ONE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ONE DAYS AGO) Childhood trauma abuse

  May 21, 2017 the day my daughters, Abigaile and Natascha were family abducted.   May 21, 2017 Family Abduction and Kidnapping.      This i...