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update for winter

I wanted to update on where we are at for the winter. We have been doing a new treatment/ therapy for Abigaile near North Texas. We love this area and plan to hopefully find some land to be able to park the bus and spend some time. This location is pretty central to everyone and everything.

We found a great therapy/ treatment for Abi here that I believe she will do great with. We have only worked on this for one week and then everyone got sick. When I say everyone I mean other kids at the therapy, the conductor, and even our family. We normally don't get sick - maybe a cold from over stress or work but not really this sick. I can't wait to feel better again.

We are applying for some work here so that we can transfer work here as well. We have had work, then scheduled time off then more work.  I think this will be worth it though.

It is also time to head back West for Physiotherapy for Abi and hopefully some more hyperbarics. These are therapies NOT covered by traditional in…