Sunday, May 27, 2012

The overall Story

This is my daughters story her name is Abigaile.  In 2003 she was vaccine injured. We are proven, not speculation. This vaccine reaction has changed has affected our entire immediate family and has affected each of our lives. Our daughter with in 72 hours started excessive crying, her eyes darting, her body swelling. Her head and her entire body began to swell. She had a 54 minutes seizure that the ER Dr. walked out of the room, didn't medicate her or anything and said she wouldn't make it. I don’t think at the time that we even began to know how our lives would change. We first would be denied that anything was wrong with our daughter from the Pediatrician who gave her the vaccines. Our daughter had 2 life-threatening seizures after the vaccine. We were told with our child having seizures and her body seemed to be swelling by the minute (this we would learn later was her having an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine).  Get in your car and drive almost 4 hours to talk with a Pediatric Neurologist at Children’s Hospital so You can find out what is wrong with your daughter. So late at night we are driving 4 hours after my husband gets off work to Children’s to find out what happened with our baby who is now 5 months old. The Neurologist took one look and admitted her. Our diagnosis included Encephalopathy, developmental delays, left eye exotropia, seizure disorder, malnourishment (later would determine it was actually malabsorption) the list was huge but we didn’t have a diagnosis. Every professional we came in contact with asked about if she had vaccines and we said yes. The time correlated, yes. There was not one professional medical Doctor or Specialist that we came in contact with that would admit it. We spent the first 5 years of her life doing trauma care for her. We spent the first 5 years of her life going to specialists, Doctors, and Genetics and Chromosomal testing. All came back negative. We (my husband and I) finally determined it was vaccines when the Genetics physician @ Children’s took off his lab coat and said “if it were my child here’s what I think?” We went to our Pediatrician told her of our findings asked her what she thought she said she didn’t know but thought it could be. I asked her and her nurse to file a VAERS report, they REFUSED. I ended up going to the County Health Dept. so they would file a VAERS by a nurse who didn’t know our child or us. We were given X number of words to explain what happened. I asked if someone would be contacting us, the nurse said no not likely they usually don’t unless they have a question.  Our daughter was very sick and wasting away we found she was not absorbing her fats amongst all the other issues.  We ended up leaving our Pediatrician to go with another and found help online through the Over the past almost 9 years now we have gone through numerous Dr.s, Pediatricians, and other Health professionals most were caring but we were left each time that no one knew how to treat our child for vaccine injury. We had to obtain prescriptions from the Dr long distance that was treating her and go to Dr.s in our area, as our insurance wouldn’t pay for the Dr. who was actually treating her.  We did find a fantastic Pediatrician who would have to treat our daughter long-distance via phone and computer as we no longer had money, or savings this injury had taken everything we had and saved.  Our house went into foreclosure twice we eventually sold it, as we couldn’t keep it up or the payments with all the medical debt. We lost cars, and my husband eventually lost his job. We haven’t had a vacation in 9 years. We have friends and family who no longer speak to us, as they can’t understand why we don’t buy gifts at Christmas or any other time of year. My husband has not been able to get a job since. Our daughter has Multiple Chemical Disorder that was caused by the vaccine due to an acidosis that happened. She can’t eat anything with preservatives, dyes, or flavored. She can only wear 100 % cotton clothing and shoes. She has never had a store bought Birthday cake or had a normal birthday party. She can’t go to public school as they can’t provide a safe environment for her or feed her. When we go to the hospital we prepare all of her foods in advance and have to take them with us. If it is out of town or we travel we prepare all of her foods in advance and freeze them.  There is no store, restaurant or any other facility that we can take her to eat at. She has seizures from preservatives and scented items.  Someone’s laundry detergent can cause her to seizure. Our family’s resources have been devastated and family members no longer speak to us because we can’t pay back loans from years ago for the foreclosure on our home. We have to purchase all of our foods Organic, no corn, no soy and no fertilizers, no dairy, and no meat that has even eaten corn. We go every other month and purchase from an organic co-op that we are members of to buy meats for our family and shop a local farm for produce. Our daughter has seizures from it even if the fertilizers are organic. Our daughter has a medical trust to help pay for her medical care the rest of the family can’t afford medical care. We can’t get state insurance as we can’t afford the deductibles or we are denied most plans because of our daughters trust even though we can’t personally use the trust. A judge and Trustee determine what we can and can’t spend for our daughters care. We personally benefit nothing from this trust.  Our days are spent with therapy from sun up until sun down, we have to prepare from scratch all of her foods including breads, tortillas, pita chips (you won’t believe the foods she can eat) she can’t play with other children if she gets ill, there are NO antibiotics that she can take as they are all bound in corn and corn solids. We get her meds from a compound pharmacy (more costs).  We have to home school both of our children because of the sick issues. We have to home school our daughter because the schools can’t provide food or a safe environment for her.  Our daughter has anaphylactic seizures to crayons, paints, and glue. The vaccine injury changed all of our lives. Our daughter was that percentage of .0005 that a severe life-threatening reaction that rarely happens. We were told she would never walk, talk, and she would be a vegetable the rest of her life. Thank you for hearing our story it is a small portion but this is the reality of vaccines in our lives and how it has impacted our family. We are thankful for our daughter and the progress and recovery we have made with her but it has been at a sacrifice of the rest of our family. You truly find whom your friends and family are when you go through this.

Abigaile's Story

  I am reposting and starting a new blog of Abigailes Story as I had another blog that was on an old ISP that I haven't been able to reactivate.  I will be transferring the information over to this blog page by page. I have been unsuccessful in transferring the blog information as I can't always sign on to it and don't remember passwords to the Photobucket where I had many pictures. But they refuse to give me my password and userid (I have forgotten them because of too many userids and passwords) the old email addy no longer is active. I'm going to be posting a little at a time as this will be Abigaile's progress.  My blog will be a little backwards but I want to leave nothing on the other blog.
  I can't change the fact that I allowed vaccines to be given to our child but what I can do is tell people to educate themselves and go where you can keep your children safe and not harm them with drugs. We unfortunately live in a drug-laden society and those of us who wish to stay healthy and are never ill are the crazy ones for staying safe and not sick. I have come in contact with many people who we tell about our daughters story. They want to know how we do it. We don't and we haven't with our God none of what we do would be possible. Our child was given a death sentence from a severe life-threatening reaction to a vaccine. Our family has sacrificed and given years of our lives to help her and rehab her.  We have lost friends and family along the way. It's sad but no regrets. The only regret that I have is giving her the vaccine.
  To friends and family who have told us to go live off the system, we may not live like everyone else and if you choose to cut our family off- so be it I don't care anymore. Just remember that street is a two-way street. I choose not to put my children through our family has been through enough hell.
  I hope and pray through our adversity that if you have a child who you believe has had a vaccine injury or even a child that you see with similar symptoms, please message me or comment I can only give you our story, and what we have done for our child. I don't know if it will work for your child or not but that is how we started as well. We didn't know either. We tried some and they worked, tried others and it didn't work.


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