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The overall Story

This is my daughters story her name is Abigaile.  In 2003 she was vaccine injured. We are proven, not speculation. This vaccine reaction has changed has affected our entire immediate family and has affected each of our lives. Our daughter with in 72 hours started excessive crying, her eyes darting, her body swelling. Her head and her entire body began to swell. She had a 54 minutes seizure that the ER Dr. walked out of the room, didn't medicate her or anything and said she wouldn't make it. I don’t think at the time that we even began to know how our lives would change. We first would be denied that anything was wrong with our daughter from the Pediatrician who gave her the vaccines. Our daughter had 2 life-threatening seizures after the vaccine. We were told with our child having seizures and her body seemed to be swelling by the minute (this we would learn later was her having an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine).  Get in your car and drive almost 4 hours to talk with a …

Abigaile's Story

I am reposting and starting a new blog of Abigailes Story as I had another blog that was on an old ISP that I haven't been able to reactivate.  I will be transferring the information over to this blog page by page. I have been unsuccessful in transferring the blog information as I can't always sign on to it and don't remember passwords to the Photobucket where I had many pictures. But they refuse to give me my password and userid (I have forgotten them because of too many userids and passwords) the old email addy no longer is active. I'm going to be posting a little at a time as this will be Abigaile's progress.  My blog will be a little backwards but I want to leave nothing on the other blog.
  I can't change the fact that I allowed vaccines to be given to our child but what I can do is tell people to educate themselves and go where you can keep your children safe and not harm them with drugs. We unfortunately live in a drug-laden society and those of us who…