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Happy Fathers Day !

Well with all the moving, packing and disorganized chaos that we have right now. I decided to do something early for Allen for Fathers Day.  He made a comment a while back that he misses going fishing.  Yes, I can relate to that I really miss doing anything for myself.  Hasn't happened for a long time and you know what people laugh at that but really look at yourself in the mirror before you judge me.
  I spend a lot of time with my child's care and that means not just physical care but administrative time as well that no one sees.  I know what it is like not to get away.

  He got me thinking because I normally don't have a problem with buying something for him.  We really did not have the funds to do it though as we had a lot of expenses for Abi this month with Dr.s and my Dr.s visits etc, eye appts, etc still not done but it will have to wait until we have insurance again.

  Here is my post for what I did with the girls :

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He's out on the brigh…