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Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 5 years - 2 Months - 23 days of Psychological Trauma Abuse - I need your help.

Taken the week of May 21, 2017 Texas State sponsored Abduction and Interstate Kidnapping 

I am asking for your help ... please read Abigailes story if you haven't already.  This is a horrific trauma abuse done to a disabled child that was a proven vaccine injury at the age of 4 months.  
If that wasn't enough she has been Family abducted from Texas to Florida, Texas state sponsored and then Florida obliged by holding her hostage from me her mother.  

This is not a miscarriage of justice - it is a full fledged ABORTED Justice.  My disabled daughter has been in imminent danger while state players have played the money game trafficking her from Texas to Florida and removing me as her Permanent Guardian.  I was solely responsible for winning her Vaccine injury case , proving causation and entitlement of Reversionary and Irrevocable Trusts to help rehabilitate Abigaile. 

Until May 21, 2017 she was rehabilitating - making huge progress and many dysfunctional and false narratives all became MONEY MOTIVATED.  This has caused Abigaile Mental, Emotional and Physical trauma. In addition to being medically and financially exploited.  I would love to say the system has helped - but sadly documentation says otherwise.  

May 2017 days before Texas state sponsored Family Abduction and Interstate Kidnapping.  

I am desperately asking for help.  I have started a GoFundMe some time ago to ask for help because my daughters have been held HOSTAGE and used as a weapon and kept from me.  
In addition Abigaile has been medically and financially exploited and has been removed from me, the one who proved her vaccine injury causation and won an entitlement for her to be rehabilitated.  
I was actively her daily caregiver, her Health Care Manager and my Care-plan was used in entitlement for Abigaile with DHHS.  
Abigailes health has declined and deteriorated in addition to the Mental, Emotional and physical Traumas.  The medical and financial exploitation due to a false narrative. This has to end.  

In May 2017 after 20 years of marriage I was abandoned and deserted and left with the Motorhome that had been purchased for travel and accommodations for Abigailes care.  The motorhome was purchased by placing Abigailes needs first and focusing on her care and was showing progress in her daily activities, mentally, emotionally and cognitively.  Medical records reflect this- prior to this horrific day May 21, 2017.  I was accused, without any investigation or discovery in all 3 states who have acted in exploitation and trauma abuse of my disabled daughter.  Her care and her stability spiraled since that day. 

I am in dire need to make repairs on her motorhome.  I can not afford to do this.  There were funds set aside in the Trusts to provide for Maintenance and upkeep as well as repairs for Abigailes Motorhome a 2000 Bluebird Wanderlodge purchased specifically for Travel and Accommodations for her Health care that was purchased in 2014.  
There has been no Maintenance since 2016 and repairs have been neglected by either no response from Trustee with neglect to fiduciary duty and Guardian over the Estate.  These actors have responded with "get an estimate" which is impossible because these repairs prevent the Motorhome from being driven and or they give no response at all. I have a letter from the Trustee as well as numerous emails stating these facts.  This is neglect of fiduciary responsibility for a vehicle that is stated on record as being used in Abigailes Health care and rehabilitation for travel and accommodations and had been approved by the Judge.  I have a letterhead from the Trustee telling to me to sell the motorhome that Abigaile is not leaving Florida and that she doesn't need the motorhome.  I'm not sure since when the Trustee was given permission to make medical or parenting decisions for my child. No one has my permission to make these decisions.  

The remaining players following the false narrative of abuse and neglect, you need to reflect in the mirror of where the real abuse and neglect has taken place.  The Truth doesn't need to lie, bully, coerce or hostage take anyone.  

There are major repairs and maintenance that need done to Abigailes motorhome.  I can not do this alone and the Trustee, Guardian over the Estate that I won and got entitlement has neglected their duties and has sided with criminal activity in multiple states.  Instead I was bullied and coerced to sell the equipment which would have placed the funds in the state of Florida guardianship. This is not beneficial to Abigaile or her best interest. These people have stolen 6 years of rehabilitation and her life.  They have given her 6 years of trauma abuse. 

I originally started the GoFundMe to seek help to get my daughter back but when these types of facetious crimes are being done you will not get a response.  

I am asking for help any amount to make these repairs.  There are major maintenance items in addition to repairs to the heating system and broken water lines and numerous other major repairs. In addition to a need for diesel fuel.  
For serious inquires to help I will be more than accommodating to give a list of the repairs that need to be made and then provide copies of receipts as the repairs are made. These are repairs and maintenance that need to be made in a shop.  I do have contact with a trusted mobile RV repair and a stand alone shop that are both reputable and reasonable.  They are willing to make the repairs but I need a lot of funds to do this.  This motorhome can not even be driven until some of the repairs have been completed on site. 
Please don't judge.  I am asking for help this is for my disabled daughter.  This motorhome was one of the best pieces of equipment that was so beneficial to her rehabilitation and it can be used again. 

This is a photo of the equipment that was purchased for Abigailes therapy and rehabilitation.  She had made considerable progress with the Careplan that I had created and was actively doing prior to the State sponsored Abduction and Kidnapping.  

This is a 2000 Bluebird Wanderlodge motor coach.  And a 2010 Mercedes Sprinter that I designed based on Abigailes rehabilitation needs.  Since the abduction and Texas state sponsored kidnapping the Trustee at Regions bank has told me to sell the motorhome that Abigaile is not leaving Florida and doesn't need it anymore.  

I know how much this Motorhome attributed to Abigailes progress for accommodation and travel plus being a least restrictive environment.  I designed the van according to rehabilitating for Abigailes needs. After she was taken hostage and kept in Florida - there was a new van purchased for use with a wheelchair bound patient whose invalid.  

If you can please give to help make repairs and to catch up the maintenance on this motor coach for Abigaile it can be used again one day to be be used as it was before.  I do have a list of items that need repaired onsite ( before it can be driven anywhere ). I do have a reputable mobile mechanic who can help with some of the repairs. Many of the repairs the motorhome will need an experienced driver with air brake experience to drive to the repair shop to fix the major repairs.  In addition there have been no major maintenance items done since 2016 due to neglect and fiduciary responsibility. 

There is no amount that is too small even $1 or $5 can go toward repairs and a worthy cause.  I can provide copies of receipts for repairs.  Please know this is giving to get Abigaile healing and making progress again.  

Below is a comparison of Abigaile before she left and in December 2021.  It makes me sick to see my disabled daughter regressing after the near 14 years of hard work and effort that Abigaile and I put into her therapy and rehabilitation.  

May 2017 taken the week of the abduction and kidnapping . I was doing a campaign with Coles pages for children who are medically fragile.  I had been posting updates and progress to show other families it is possible after such a major medical trauma to make progress.  After the kidnapping I was advised by Coles pages since Abigaile was not in my possession that they would need to suspend her page.  

The photo taken with the quilt.  This was taken December 2021 and sent to me via text.  This is a quilt that I bought for Abigaile. She does not look well. She has regressed, grossly regressed.  
Now she has had Massive Psychological Trauma in addition to other major trauma events with medical , emotional trauma and neglect of the therapy and care that she made such a tremendous progress with.  

I can't understand how anyone can be so filled with hate and malicious intent - financial exploitation that they can harm a special needs child and believe that it is okay.  

This little girl has experienced more hell in her short life than most adults do their entire lifetime. 
Where in hell is any adult that will help her besides me?

 I was the one who was with my child through the vaccine injury from the most horrific life threatening events for the first 7 years of her life and then 7 years of Federal court to fight for entitlement ( ALONE ).  
For people to bully me like a group of gang-stalking emotional rapists to steal and destroy her life is beyond repulsive to me. 

  I am thankful for the USA Citizens Guardianship Task Force and am thankful they have taken my case.

 Please pray that people come to their senses to see what has happened for Abigailes needs.  She is not well.  She has regressed terribly.  Strangers have made life threatening decisions that have caused her Grave harm and irreparable damage and trauma.  

  I am thankful to those who have been there for me and for all the good thoughts , prayers and intentions.  
Please help me to help Abigaile.  I am beyond thankful for all who have helped me.  

Abigailes repairs on 2000 Bluebird Wanderlodge fundraiser.  This will become more difficult closer to Winter months. I would like to get as many repairs made prior if possible.  I have been living in the Motorhome since the abduction and kidnapping otherwise I would have been made homeless.  
Please only serious inquiries for those who are wanting to give funding if you need or desire a list of repairs etc or copies of receipts should you give I will be happy to do this for those who give. 
May the Great Spirit and Creator bless you all xoxo 

with love, 
Abigailes mommy ,

Thursday, July 21, 2022


This is not the best interest of either daughter. This is system abuse, fraud, theft and all under the Color of Law.

This is mental anguish, torture and trauma abuse all by legal and lawful definition. And when there is and has never been any lawful or due process it is systematic and procedural abuse:

These are acts of terroristic control, manipulation and abuse to my disabled daughter, to our oldest daughter , Natascha and to me. 

There are people who really need to do a thorough investigation into this case of coercion and terrorism. 
A hate crime against me and our daughters.

Stop the abuse - stop the coercive control and stop terrorizing me and my daughters.
We have never received due process and no evidence has ever been presented. 


Saturday, July 2, 2022

1868 days of Mental, Emotional, and Physical Trauma Abuse ( May 21,2017 - July 2, 2022 )


June 2022 Momma and her babies.  

If you would like to help my disabled daughter Abigaile and I to bring her Justice - I am being told and led to believe that Money is the only way.  I can not put the funds in Abigailes name otherwise the criminals will steal that also. 
I am Abigailes biological , birth mother and will be taking any funds received to put towards OUR case.  Please if you can help and even give $1.00 this is to #FreeAbigaileGolec. 
Please - this is Urgent ! 

   It takes a Monster to take children from their mother - and to keep a mother from her children. I will also say that it is just as much a Monster to keep children from their dads.  Our Creator is Clear that children should honor their mother and father - and those who try to influence out of attachment, abuse, trauma, or any other malicious behaviors.  

  I am well over 1868 days into my case of Abduction and Kidnapping - showed and told all the evidence to all those who " claim to be authoritative " and I'm no further now than I was in 2017.  It is really difficult to trust anyone - I have given a lot of information and I have even been data -mined. I'm sure they're curious how I know what I know.  

  The reality is that I watched a video tonight of a mother in Texas. She had stopped in traffic and a police officer just happened to be behind her. The mother and her little girl, a toddler were in her suv.  The mother gets out of the suv and grabs the lifeless little girl and runs to the police officer in the police car behind her.  She tells him the little girl has been sick, she was at - or on her way to the Dr. the girl vomited ,and sounds like she aspirated some vomit and she was lifeless, not responding.  The police officer calls 911 dispatch for first responders.  The mother is crying, wailing and is begging the little girl, named Jessica, dont Go now Jessica.  I have personally been at that place with my daughter Abigaile - but not with police or other first responder around.   

  While completely different scenario I have been in that place at least twice I have had to do CPR on my Abigaile. I have slept with her sitting upright while hearing fluid in her lungs so she didn't aspirate.  I have done that CPR while calling the first responders while the rest of my family stood panicked and watched me do it. 

 That family has possession of my very sick, and emotionally traumatized daughter now. And that possession was taken under the dirty color of law through lies and deceit all for abuse of power and finical exploitation. 

  All because of lies, deceit, theft by deception.  Mental , emotional and physical abuse done to my daughter that had already lived hell because of drug minded induced maffia cabal.  

  I saved her life - multiple times - nursed her back to health - ( had CONTINUITY OF CARE) .  

  The emotionally incestual and morally bankrupt has abused me and my daughters for well over 5 years now.  While people piddle about beaurocrat red tape that kills children and families. The maffia cabal have to make every ear mark and $$$$ off of it all. Including her abuse.  And they have lived up to that even to today.  Abuse started with dysfunctional behaviors long before this on our oldest daughter. It is shameful to me that peoples behaviors have to be so disgusting that they cause mental and emotional trauma to another human being - but to do this to innocent children that have done nothing to them. The behaviors I saw and couldn't find explanation and was told not to worry about them. We truly live in a sick and reprobate world after what I have seen happen to me and my girls and the system defending it. 

  To experience what I experienced in Texas goes beyond abuse - it is abduction, kidnapping, and human trafficking. 

  To have a system that encourages it , makes labels for it and then funds it systemically - is intentional.  

  To have a state and destination that was preplanned , paid for , legally and logistically then protected - its pretty intentional. All the movements just give referral service for those federal $$$s all for trafficking my girls under the COLOR OF DIRTY law and abuse. 

  The so called "workers of iniquity " of the system can't figure out how I know what is wrong with my daughter and how she is suffering.  I stayed at home with my daughters that would be Gods laws. I cared for my daughters and provided for their needs.  I gave our daughters time first. I spent time with them, did activities geared toward them. Even when resources were not available. Even when the resources became available and were withheld from the girls and I. 

 I put all of their needs first.  All their needs were met Mentally, Emotionally and physically. I never bought them off - physical buyout of emotions is nothing but mental prostitution and you will find a empty child and when that child becomes an adult sooner or later.  That child - becomes adult will see you bought them off and used them for your own selfish motives or self attachment issues. 

 Children see the " as seen on tv aisle adults and see them for what they are" 

  You have stolen over 5 years of Abigailes life , her health, her well being and all the progress she made. In addition you gave her mental , emotional and physical abuse. What a legacy. What a gift - then blamed me for it. That might work with some people but it doesn't with me. 

  I'm not part of the cult - and I dont partake in the cult I'm not bought off nor can I be sold. 

The buy off for our oldest has been going on by far longer than that.  She sees it too - being forced, coerced and bullied into the cult ( trust me I know how they work - thats why they had to work so hard to make me look bad).  I worked with every single one of them as a primary contact and when the lies flew out ( abusive and neglectful - run to the shelter and get legal aide ( with a job ) and lie lie lie - the mental abuse of that on our girls is beyond sick. And the lie still continues - through all the courts through the probate through law enforcement - all the agencies - 

 Anyone else awake - aware - and get it??????? 

  Anyone else, have you learned yet that you were the puppet used to destroy your own family and your own children? Grooming and teaching your children how to be abusive isn't anything the Creator has done- it isn't anything to boast about being a legacy.  

  Family generational curses ? Thats it.  All fueled - and they pay you by destroying your family and saying you won in the family court of civil court ( a bypass to commit false narratives, biased abusive behaviors, fraud, deception, abuse of power- all under the color of law).  Statutes to commit fraud, theft and abuse ? 

  Shame on all of you who worked with me and knew damn well that I cared for Abigaile as her Primary caregiver and knew the progress she made. I called and emailed even texted you when she made progress and sent videos , photos ( all on record ).  But yet you followed a lie and false narrative with no legal proof, standing or anything and YOU personally have destroyed her life. 

  It was because of me that Abigaile got the entitlement for her injuries.  I used those funds for Abigaile. I was educated, had work experience, and worked one on one with her for her needs. Not the needs of a dysfunctional attachment cult that has caused her harm. 

  But you made some money - and told those evil behaviors you justified it and gave it your satanic blessing.  

  I was hopeful that one person, a family member, or a professional , anyone would come out and defend Abigaile, her health , her well being and none one of your did. Instead you further exploited her  and used her like a pawn for your dirty profit.  Further giving sacrifice to a satanic practice.  

  Just because you gather a cult to fuel a lie - doesn't make it the truth - it makes it a bigger lie.  

And it has destroyed Abigaile and Natascha - it has destroyed Abigailes health , her well being , and she is traumatized . Not by what has been lied about me - but the lies to defend your lies. 

  And the saga continues - watching - waiting and trying to believe anyone to help her at this point doesn't really exist in my mind anymore. Your all a cult of murderers. Instead of giving tithe to satan over and over for a matrix of insanity - stop it and stop the abuse already stop killing my disabled daughter ! lets circle back to the original lie and prove it ! Bring it on and prove it- where is your proof - investigation- documentation ? Where is it ?  It isn't there - this is why the Cult of insanity and tithing satan continues. 

   ABIGAILE begs, cries, yells and screams - and I have heard her even strike over the phone because she is expressing she wants to come to me - her mom.  Not throw her out in a disgusting bay of pigs who have exploited her and acted as though they've done something wonderful. Lied on court record - used defamation of false narratives and false statements on record. Libel slander and defamation.  Even while Abigaile was present on a zoom hearing during probate court. I can't imagine the abuse that caused her in her mind.  

  Your abusing HER/ ABIGAILE.  When will you get it?  Drugging and doping her for expressing her thoughts brings on a whole new level of abuse.  A gang-stalking cult of abusive and terroristic behaviors of a cult this is a hate crime.  She isn't a child let her live or is your intent to make her the next Shivo case?  

  She's being held against her will - all for the theft and deceit of money.  Her health , mentally, emotionally and physically have all gone to hell. Its because the cult has not clue they're take the money and policy and procedure. And then death. The entitlement run out yet tithing the system that doesn't work? So then she's appointed state disability so they can tithe themselves? 

 My daughters were taken from me with no investigation ( I asked - begged and pleaded for many investigations - TEXAS- ARKANSAS - FLORIDA )  and have been held hostage in the state of florida for over 5 years while my disabled daughter Abigaile Golec has been exploited and traumatized as a disabled female who because of me, her biological , birth mother won an entitlement for the severe adverse reaction to her childhood vaccines. My sole evidence and documentation won that entitlement and I was the primary caregiver, her continuity of care and managed her healthcare , one on one where she was making substantial progress from that injury. Only to be surpassed into a worse state of mental, emotional and physical trauma abuse and exploitation of professional and personal capacity. 



Her life for over 5 years now has been controlling, manipulative, drugging abusive hell.  Isn't that enough?  When will you do something ? 

When she's dead ? 

God please help me help Abigaile ! Is there no one with a moral conscience or beliefs ? No one who has a thought of sanctity of life. No one had to have proof they just gangstalked me while hostage taking the cash cow ! 

Stop the abuse on me !  Stop the abuse on Abigaile !!!  and stop the Abuse of Natascha !!! 

The News stations should be all over this - why are they not ?????? 




#Hate Crimes 

#Exploitation of disabled Individual 

#Abuse of power under the color of law 

#premeditated manslaughter/murder 

#Mental, Emotional, Physical abuse of a disabled female 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

1,801 days May 21, 2017 - April 26, 2022 Trauma Abuse passed through generational abuse

You are my Sunshine - Christina Perri 
To my girls, the song mommy always sang to you 🌻🌻

 But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world for the causes of sin. These stumbling blocks must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!

   My call with my beautiful Abigaile was this evening.  These calls are getting more and more difficult.  Imagine listening to the daughter that you took Primary care of.  Nursed her through a critical vaccine injury- rehabbed her and was at a point of her healing , happy, walking and talking. Doing so well with learning and finally had all of her therapies that were in her best interest and working as they should.  

  Stage left enters dysfunctional behaviors that had been festering like a fungus for years and even propagating its ugly head onto the unsuspecting older daughter who became focus and center of attention.  Parentification : Parentification is the process of role reversal whereby a child is obliged to act as parent to their own parent or sibling. Two distinct types of parentification have been identified technically: instrumental parentification and emotional parentification.

  And ..... I had no idea what was happening.  I was in our daughters lives 24 hours per day. A stay at home and work at home mom.  After our youngest daughters vaccine injury full time caregiving and managing our daughters health care and her care plan.  All the while observing what appeared to be a parent who was befriending their own daughter like a " best friend". Also having distant family of the befriending parent who was targeting our daughter to the point she was acting out verbally and in other behaviors. I don't want to put the spotlight or target on her, she was an innocent target of very vile and dysfunctional behaviors.  

  My husband and I had agreed before marriage ( a 2 year engagement ) that I would stay at home with our children and we would teach them at home. Home school - home learning. And I did.  We also agreed that our children would be brought up with God as the head of our Covenant Marriage and our family and all of our decisions would be made based off of our love for God. We had served in church, ministry , planted a church and even had family ministries outside of church.  

  We left for California, our disabled daughter was doing the best she had ever done. See videos of her walking independently on #JusticeForAbigaileAndNatascha Facebook page videos. 

  Over the years I was the brunt of many family discussions and bad behaviors.  It would be so obvious that no one would even deny it.  Not only did these nasty and vile behaviors toward me happen before children they happened in front of our daughters and our daughters were even made part of the nasty and vile, dysfunctional behaviors.  Evidence of this many times over and over.  I finally told my husband I won't be subject to these addictive and nasty behaviors to continue the abuse.  While living in California  - the vile and dysfunctional got even more progressed.  You need to understand these are dangerous behaviors.  These behaviors become cult - like and dangerous to the point that mental, emotional and physical harm and trauma is second nature.  I really was in denial about these behaviors but after a trauma event happened while in California things escalated.  Our oldest daughter became enmeshed then and I could tell that she was no longer the same daughter. In fact I would see conflict at different times and the only time there was peace is when she and her sister and I were home alone. 

  I would mention different events to my husband to tell him these behaviors were causing harm and trauma to me and to the girls.  I asked him to please talk to those people - he said he did - and the trauma becomes more escalated and worsens. 

  In May 21, 2017 the system and the dads family members abducted and kidnapped our daughters - but it doesn't end there. I was denied all contact with our daughters. Our daughters have been denied all contact with me.  This has been a HATE-FEST and has now caused excessive trauma and harm , including destroying our disabled daughters rehabilitation and continues to cause mental, emotional and physical trauma and irreparable harm to me and our daughters.  

  I have never seen human beings that HATE a mother who has a healthy attachment with her children. I have never seen such HATE of a generation, a system and human beings because a mother places her childrens needs before her own- such Hate to that mother and children. A mom who home educates and has a close and healthy relationship. To have a close relationship with God and spiritual health to have such hate toward that mom. 

  A group of people, a cult that is intent to destroy that healthy attachment bond between me and my girls. How can anyone do this to children ? 

 The system has not only condoned it, laughed about it but they continue to reward it.  In fact the system , the court players and the original cast - continues their HATE Capades ! 

  I have been allowed 2- Thirty minute phone calls ( supervised ) since October 2019 ( yes, two years after they were abducted). You can speculate, compare etc etc etc but peoples actions are truth.  This is the most horrific form of abuse I have ever experienced at the hands of any human being and to be forced to sit back and watch as a spectator while my daughters have been grossly abused and traumatized at the hands of dysfunctional and addictive behaviors says that our legal and courts are just as addictive tendency and dysfunctional. 

  My disabled daughter has begged since the day in October 2019 crying, screaming and even physically hitting saying bye poppie please ( begging her dad to come to me) how anyone can hear this and ignore this child who has done nothing and allow these pieces of flesh to continue the abuse I have no words for the cruelty being done. False statements were made against me with no evidence or burden of proof - only defamation and libel slander amongst other trauma abuse. Our daughter guardianship frauded, abused and used as a cash cow while thrown to the wolves her health is detrimental and suffering. 

  The phone call tonight I was reading to her for over Thirty minutes she yelled, screamed and said BYE poppie please mmmmmm bye over and over. This is her trying to communicate she wants to come to me. I know horrific things have been said to and in front of my children. I have been present when these things have been said numerous times in front of our girls and nothing has ever been said to this abusive people. This is trauma abuse.  

  I was denied praying with our daughter, Abigaile tonight. 

The phone hung up with no warning or nothing. I messaged her phone to say I'm calling back one, two and three times to pray with her. This is all that keeps she and I going.  The phone was never picked up to answer. There is no voice mail for her. There is no response when I send a message or a photo to her. But to deny me and our daughter to pray together is beyond repulsive. To deny a child their mental, emotional and physical health and well being in addition to deny their faith that they grew up with and then forcefully taken by a trusted parent who became Jeckyll and Hyde and has been held hostage by gatekeeping in a system that allows this trauma is beyond Terroristic behavior and a Hate crime.  This is cruelty.  She and I get 2- Thirty minute phone calls per week. 

  The ACLU ( do they do anything ?)

You have denied me and my daughter our spiritual rights and beliefs. To pray to our creator. This is how our daughters were raised. It is how we agreed to raise our children. 

  I didn't continue the generational abuse.  I have stood by my vows to Creator - I have stood by my Covenant to Creator God for me, my marriage my daughters.  How can no one show remorse or shame - how can anyone do this to our daughters who were harmless - how can you turn children against their own flesh that created them? 

  If you see my daughters tell them I love them - I miss them. They have been held hostage, kidnapped, traumatized , medically kidnapped, guardianship abused and used as a cash cow. Neglected the treatments and therapies that showed progress and healing with health beliefs not abuse. 

  Our daughter has lost and suffered Five years of trauma abuse and neglect of the treatments and therapies that she desperately needs.  

  Oh- and when she starts getting too loud and starts screaming BYE poppie mmmmm after a certain time on more than one occasion - she becomes silent almost instantly.  I can sense when someone is near her because her voice becomes subdued. 

  Then she becomes silent.  

Have you ever heard the phrase " Silence of the Lambs ".  

I believe this was more than just a movie. 

My beautiful girls you know I have never abused you - I have never traumatized you - nor have I ever neglected your health or anything else.  Stuff-itis, materialism, excessive attention , money, and other behaviors are distractions and emotional bribery of trauma abuse.  

  A mom or a dad who recognizes this and protects you from this facade is a parent who loves you.  

your mommy loves you - I miss you so much - One day you will know just how much this system abuse has been done to me all based on lies and false statements, false accusations .

Love, hugs, sugars and more love, 

always and forever Mommy 💗💕

You are my Sunshine 🌻

Facebook : #JusticeForAbigaileAndNatascha

Facebook : #FreeAbigaileGolec 

Twitter : @FreeAbigaileG



Tuesday, March 15, 2022

#05-21-2017 MISSING DAUGHTERS - Does anyone know if my daughter Natascha Golec age: 23 is ALIVE ???????


  My daughters Abigaile and Natascha Golec while in my Primary and full time care in Arlington, Texas our place of resident were taken without my knowledge or permission on May 21, 2017.  
  There has never been an Investigation or inquiry of any kind per my requests ever done.  Instead I have been Traumatized mentally, emotionally , physically, financially, legal  abuse, at the hands of all those who took part in this. Including the professionals that I retained and professionals that I was the Primary contact with on my daughters health.  

  Natascha is now 23 years old I have not been allowed any contact with my daughters. They have both been taken hostage and withheld from me and were withheld for Two years out of state before it was ever disclosed to me where they " supposedly are being held hostage" under the Color of Law.  

     My daughters are not allowed to call or see me freely - nor are they allowed to spend time with me.  

  I have not seen or spoken with and have not been allowed to see or speak with my daughter Natascha.  Now 23 years old since May 21,2017.  I do know that Natascha was used in this plot of Hostage kidnapping in this heinous behaviors.  And this is not her fault.  
  There are dysfunctional family systems behind this - sadly this was being done to my daughter for years and I had no idea.  
   If the idea is to " protect the children " why is NO ONE protecting the children?  

  I have contacted multiple law enforcement agencies and the Citrus county sheriffs department only to speak with an abusive deputy who seems to be gate keeping my daughter , Natascha.  His response is that my daughter Natascha refuses to talk with me and doesn't want to see me - ( per my last call with this deputy) 

  This is not impartial nor has any of the calls been investigative.  Instead these are tax dollars that are being used under the color of law and using my daughter as a weapon.  
  I have stated numerous times that multiple crimes have been committed - and we need to ask - why are crimes being covered up under the color of the Law and the tax payers are paying for it? 

  Why are people paying these deputies to use children as a weapon ? Is that their job description? 

Be aware of these dangerous individuals who use children under the Color of Law as a weapon- these individuals are terrorizing and using our children as weapons against their own mom and dad.  

  These are terroristic actions and behaviors - my daughters have been held hostage 4 years and 11 months.  
With no investigation and taken without my knowledge or permission and against my will - against their will also.  What kind of people do this?  

Dangerous people . I have done nothing to harm my daughters ever and to mind control them and hold them hostage is the most horrific form of terroristic abuse and trauma that anyone could ever do and have the paid law enforcement to back this behavior and used my daughters as a weapon?  

  How many more families are being destroyed because of this behavior ? Any idea of any other times in history where the law has used children against their own mom and dad or their own families ? 

  This is teaching domestic violence - the Sherrif deputy uses children as a weapon and is using verbal assault ? Under the Color of Law and no investigation or discovery?  

Does anyone know my daughter Natascha Golec ? She was last seen on May 21, 2017 ?  I have received a couple of pictures but someone should pull her aside and get her to a Trauma therapist because what is being done is not only domestic violence it is terrorism. - 

  Is my daughter Natascha Golec dead or alive ? I don't know ? what kind of people do this?  

What kind of law enforcement does this - or allows this ?????
  What kind of government authorities allow this ??????????

Is Natascha dead or alive ?  Why is it that she isn't allowed to talk to me?  
Why is it that a deputy for paid law enforcement not investigating the criminal behaviors that I have been stating since May 21,2017 ? 

Paris Golec #05212017 
#Abandoned and Deserted in Arlington Texas 
#Mental Anguish 
# Victim of Court Violence 

1,759 days May 21, 2017 - March 15, 2022 days of Terroristic trauma - Do you value your Freedom of person?


My babies and I ( May 2017 - literally days before Abduction/Kidnapping ) 
Abigaile, Momma, Natascha 

  I have been wanting to post for some time now.  I have just had a lot going on.  It is a different perspective on life just to survive when Terroristic - like individuals use bully-tactics, abduct and kidnapp your children and just disappear for almost Five years.  Not allowing contact or not allowing your children to contact you.  It is unbelievable to me that we live in a country that allows this deplorable behavior and makes excuses for it.  But hey, when that system makes A lot of money off this type of behavior taking advantage of the children and the left behind parent ( and reality is they take advantage of the unsuspecting terror-bully also).  
  My daughters and I have had our lives completely up-rooted, terrorized and the past 4 years and 11 months stolen from us.  We have been bullied, terrorized, our memories stolen from us.  We have been terrorized using Mental, Emotional, Physical and even Financial exploitation and Coercive control.  

  And for those of you who believe that *** I must have done something wrong *** you really need to become more aware and wake up not for me but for you and your own family.  Anyone who thinks or believes in this grandiose way of thinking is part of the problem.  

  I believe a lot of people are really getting to get a huge wake up call - awareness call - whatever you want to call it.  I am done trying to share with people what is happening.  And when it happens to you- or your childrens, children.  You need to go back and read the past social media , blogs, news. etc if your lucky enough that your children or childrens - children aren't dead.  I have a lot less empathy today than I have in the past.  There is no reason for complacency or ignorance.  

  I have worked with, shared my story , and contacted every law enforcement and government agency involved now in Three states.  Those whom were part in this case ( you know who you are- so called professionals ) You have caused irreparable harm and trauma to me and my daughters.  There is no amount of money , stuff or anything else that could ever be given or done to replace the memories that my daughters and I have had stolen from us.  And my youngest daughter, who is disabled , has been medically kidnapped and guardianship fraud , under the Color of Law.  

  I will be posting later this week additional interviews that I have done with the organization that I have been working with on my story.  It is a lot of time and work to do this but I want to make sure that everyone has this information.  There is ALOT more to my story and over time it will come out.  

  I can't tell you how thankful that I am that I have met the ladies at the USA Citizens Guardianship Task Force LLC.  I am thankful to finally meet a group of ladies , professionals, that get it.  Trust me when I say there are plenty of groups out there - that will use you and your story for their fame and glory and then move to the next one.  I even have these organizations, etc etc on my blog and profile.  I have removed the organizations because I want no one else to fall prey to their "business".  

  So, I am working exclusive with The USA Citizens Guardianship Task Force LLC.  They have sites on FB group ( non- governmental organization ) and they have a website at The contact information is : P.O. Box 25 Rutherfordton, NC,  28139USA Email: Phone: 828-980-3467

  The USA citizens guardianship task force has authored a petition for the horrific trauma that has been caused in Guardianship abuse cases to remove 

You can sign the Petition here.  Please be sure to scroll down to the open window where you can add to or edit to make the post/ Petition your story.  I would caution giving all the details.  There are plenty of citizens who are giving in their details in other ways.  There will be attorney or Lawyers that will be taking details.  

Please read this Petition, Share the petition and sign this if you value freedom.  This is not just affecting the disabled or the elderly.  Anyone can become labeled incapacitated by any mental or medical personnel by the stating of a diagnosis code. Whether it is fact or not.  These are dangerous code that are seizure humans like property.  They are allowing people with credentials and Titles to imminent domain men, women, children.  The mentally, physically and emotionally coded. These are dangerous and need to be abolished. There is no way to reform this.  Reform will only extend the life of these parasitic codes and the perpetrators behind them. 

Petition :  

Abolish all Commission Codes for Guardianships from Legislation Law Books

TS Radio Network:USA Citizens Guardianship Task Force Petition

  I will update more later this week as I have more time to post - 

  I have signed the Petition - and I have documented the harm and trauma that has been done to be and my daughters.  I am thankful that more and more people see the real story.  You will begin to see things in your news, media, podcasts that you never believed would happen and it has already happened.  

I will also be adding a tab or blogpost on how this has affected my life. My well-being and financial instability among other traumas. I’ll share here and on my consulting site as well. People need to stop
Victim blaming and shaming those of us who have been traumatized from this Terroristic behavior . 

  Please help stop this human genocide.  Read the horrific stories of how men, women and children have been Court -napped and Body-snatched with out any cause. Their inheritance, estate and even children and spouses have been taken.  Medically kidnapped and abused, traumatized, exploited and all their assets and Trusts have been stolen by a terroristic label called professional.  

#Stop The Abuse
#Abduction&Kidnapping Under Color of Law 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Happy birthday mission 2/8/2022 🕯

For my girls, Abigaile and Natascha - momma

Loves you and misses you so much.

Happy Birthday Mission 2022 🎂

1,724 days

May 21, 2017 - February 8, 2022





#BeTheLight 🕯🕯🕯❤️

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

1696 Days ( Kidnapping, CourtNapping, Hostage, Abuse ) - May 21,2017 - January 11, 2022


   May 2017 literally days before Abigaile and 

Natascha were Interstate kidnapped. 

# Justice for Abigaile and Natascha 

December 2020 Christmas gift from momma.  This child does not even look the same. You can clearly see everything about her has changed. You can see the Mental, Emotional and physical Trauma on her face and her body.  This is horrifying to me.  And if you could hear the Supervised phone calls - it is even more chilling.  

December 2020 - all of the life has gone from her face - gone. This is what abusive trauma looks like.  

   I wanted to share with you all tonight a Radio show that I was invited to listen to.  Because of my past experience and some work history in the system I have already seen a trend of things that are happening.  They have gradually become worse.  Many people can't see this because they believe it will never happen to them.  Well seriously good luck with that thought because the majority of the people I am talking with whether it be families caught in DCS, medical kidnapping, Guardianship fraud and abuse or just family members strong arming and harming or causing trauma to family members.  Believe me when I say that deceit and money gives a person multiple personalities.  My children and I are going on 5 years of experiencing trauma in the most cruel, callous and heartless manner.  Strong armed , coercive and under the Color of Law.  These are the most evil and sinister tactics upon this earth.  If you believe and give credit to your exes, siblings, etc that they concocted all this - they were only the beginning.  There is an evil agenda beyond that. 

    Along the way I do have the pleasure of meeting other kind hearts and good souls.  Two of those are Peggy and Betty with the USA Citizens Guardianship Task Force.  We all have a story to tell. We all have children involved.  I wanted to share their facebook page and the Radio show tonight as well.  This will give you an idea of the things going on in our states and communities.  Please follow this page if you have a story to tell in Guardianship or with DCFS or DCS.  


TS Radio Network: USA Citizens Guardianship Task Force

USA Citizens Guardianship Task Force can be found on Facebook 

Please feel free to share with others.  The USA Citizens Guardianship Task force is working on a petition to abolish Guardianship.  Please pray for all who are working for a better tomorrow - for peace.  And for our children to be set free. 

with love 

# Justice For Abigaile and Natascha 
#The Abigaile and Natascha Golec Story 
# Free Abigaile Golec 


#FreeAbigaileGolec 5 years 3 months 05212017

#JusticeForAbigaileAndNatascha #FreeAbigaileGolec  #05212017 #TakeDownTheWalls  Pink Floyd  THE WALL   —>>