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We no longer participate in TMS as we felt during further research that it has a potential to no longer benefit Abigaile.  We have researched other treatments focusing more on Physical therapy as this is where we are seeing a tremendous amount of progress. 

TMS therapy should be something evaluated by the Physician and evaluated per patient.

October 2010

  When we came to California for treatment for Abigaile's vaccine induced injuries we were sent by her Pediatrician to The Brain Treatment Center for evaluation and to see if she would be a good candidate for treatment.  We were not sure what to expect but considering that the specialists that we had gone to for treatments were saying she had a rare type of seizures called "Drop Seizures". The next thing that we were told is that there were no treatments or medications that worked for "Drop Seizures".
  We went to The Brain Treatment Center where we met Dr. Yi Jin and Alex.  We spent three months at the The Brain Treatment Center. Abigaile where she had an evaluation and an E.E.G.

(Electroencephalogram (EEG)
A record of the tiny electrical impulses produced by the brain's activity. By measuring characteristic wave patterns, the EEG can help diagnose certain conditions of the brain.

  We did the treatments 5 days per week.  The treatments sessions were about an hour long per day that we went.  The response that we saw from Abigaile was just incredible.  She did stop the majority of her seizure activity.  We also noticed more babbling and word sounds from her as well. She also wanted to stand and try to take more steps independently.  Overall, the TMS treatments were a success. After the treatments, most days Abigaile did not have seizures or if she did they were provoked by the Multiple Chemical Disorder.  
  The video that you see above is the very FIRST treatment at The Brain Treatment Center. I apologize for the amateur video but you have to understand coming from a parent perspective we were so excited to see our child stop having so many seizures and to be able to function better. She has always had cognitive function and it was frustrating to see her lose those skills.  Dr. Yi Jin and Alex at the Center were fantastic to work with as well. The thing that we liked about this treatment is that it is a non-invasive treatment and we each tried the paddle ( the black thing he is holding to her head).  There is nothing at all that hurts the child. The clicking noise that you hear startles at first but after a few times you can see she was actually taking the paddle and placing it on her own head as if it made her feel better. 
  The TMS re-routes the seizure patterns so that they don't become a pattern.  It uses noninvasive brain stimulation in an attempt to normalize neural activity.  It operates on the principal of electromagnetic induction. The current passes through a wire coil that generates a magnetic field with a current.  The magnetic current is able to penetrate the skin and the scalp and reaches the surface of the Brain.  The EEG monitors seizure activity and responsiveness to external stimuli. 
  We felt that Abigaile was very responsive to this treatment.  Abigaile has multiple diagnosis and we felt after three months treatments along with the advice and recommendation of her Pediatrician that we needed to move on to other treatments and therapies for her well being.  It isn't to say that we won't go back to TMS, we may but for right now we have moved on to other treatment options.  If you have an interest in TMS The Brain Treatment Center is linked on my sidebar for those who may be interested. Please give them a call and tell them that you saw them linked on Abigaile's Story.  


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