Here is a link of Dr. Jolly where Abigaile goes for Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments!  We love Dr Jolly and the center and all the folks there who have been so patient and wonderful with our family.

  Dr Donald Jolly-Gabriels center for New Medicine is fantastic!  They are professional, knowledgable,  caring, considerate and have been a blessing to our family.  During our rehabilitation for our daughter Abigaile we have been to many Dr.s, Specialists, Treatments, and Centers and therapists along the way.
It is not easy what we are doing because it means that our daughters care must come first in most that we do along the way. It is critical that we seize the moment of while she is young and can make changes to help her along.  We first and for most give glory to God for what He has done with our Him what we are doing is impossible. He will Always, Always, Always get the credit. I believe that God also places awesome people in our lives to help that healing process and to help us to get through these trials as well.

Abigaile at hyperbaric treatments in the tank.
Abigaile inside looking out - Natascha co-pilot
Movie above is Abigaile @hyperbaric's 

  We have been to several centers for hyperbaric's and Dr. Jolly- Gabriel's center is the BEST!  The staff is awesome and you will not finder a nicer and more respected person than Dr. Jolly.  We are thankful that God placed him in our path.  I have felt that we have gotten awesome service, treatments, and education than anywhere we have been before.
  Please watch the YouTube Video above as it is Dr. Jolly explaining how necessary Oxygen is ( we know this- without it we would die).
  The Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments have been key in Abigaile getting well and being healed. There is no doubt in my mind that we would not really be where we are at had Dr. Jerry not recommended the Hyperbaric treatments.  I have seen so much progress with Abigaile.  It was early on when Abigaile was about 1 year- 1 1/2 years old that we started Hyperbarics. Abigiale is now 9.  When we started she was very sick. She had many diagnosis and symptoms all related to an adverse reaction to her vaccines given at 5 mos of age. I wish we had never given them. We can't change that now but what we can do is research, and look to the professionals in the field such as her Dr. Kartzinel, and other professionals such as Dr Jolly for ways to help Abigaile heal.   I am sold on Hyperbarics but only from a reputable center. It is so important to make sure that you are going to a center that knows what they are doing. We unfortunately found a center back in Arkansas that was recommended by a therapist that was not a good center after all. The technician, and Dr (which we found later never finished med school) as well as the nurse decided they wanted our information for research. Lets just say that Abigaile ended up having a lot of unnecessary seizures because of it.
  What we have noticed progress with Hyperbaric's.  We have seen left eye Exotropia completely healed and corrected. We have noted progress of her cognitive ability improve, speech improved, her eye sight has corrected.  We have also noticed progress with Abigaile being more active. In doing school her recognition of objects has improved as well.  There are so many improvements!  We also take turns going in the tank with Abigaile because she isn't able to effectively verbalize everything to us. So for safety reasons her dad, myself, or her older sister goes in the tank with her.
  I love going into the tank for hyperbaric's as it really makes you feel like you have so much more energy. It also helps with clearer thinking and a not so foggy mentality. I also noticed improvement in varicose veins that I have when going into the tank.  I also had people remark how much younger that we look when we go in.
  I definitely give hyperbaric's at Dr. Jollys (2) thumbs up for the treatment, the Dr., and the staff. Do it for your health.
** pricing.  The pricing I haven't asked if everyone's pricing is the same.  What I can tell you is that the hyperbarics is recommended based on your particular assessment by your Dr and Dr Jolly.  Our plan is an individual assessment for our Abigaile.  Maybe one day Dr Jolly will offer a family plan <hint> <hint> .... 


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