We started at Polfit Wellness in June of 2012.  They were a referral from our HBOT center that we go to- thanks Daniel :0)  Anyways, the clinic is in Anaheim and they do seriously INTENSE multidisciplinary PT.  Everyone at the clinic is awesome and has been since day 1.  When we started here I'm not sure what we expected but were ready for just about anything. I knew my Abigaile was stronger, and more stable than ever before. It has to be this awesome California ocean breeze.

  At the center the month-long intensive sessions are 5 days a week for 5 hours per day. The intensity and techniques used in this session often helps patients reach their next milestone in their rehabilitation. It also helps ingrain and build on the improvements made without allowing too much time in between to allow the brain to unlearn.  We drive ONE HOUR one way to get to therapy. This is not an easy thing with cooking. In addition we add the Hyperbaric Therapy and Dr. Blumhardt chiropractic care to make sure Abigaile is in tip top physical shape.  

  I am sharing some pictures and video starting with our June session then will move on to May. I will also give a little history along the way.  Remember I am an amateur photographer, I am also a very excited parent and caregiver watching my child EXCEL in this program. It is totally awesome! 


How to let it all go

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